Spiritual enlightenment Trip by Andrew

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01 August

11 AM-12 PM

For sound therapy or an incredible sound experience inside 2 very large scale models of the Pyramids this attraction has cafe, landscaped grounds and lake

12 PM-01 PM

Only 5 minutes from Ubud via road or a 25 minute rice field walking track. Cafe caters to all food creations from vegetarian to the decadent with a wide range of choices and very tasty dishes and drinks. Very comfortable surroundings and ambience with beautiful landscaped grounds and an amazing vision to view. Check out this incredible new attraction to Bali, it will not disappoint and if you want an amazing experience, try a session in the Pyramids, everyone loves it!

  • Bali
09 AM-10 AM

Ida Dukuh is the spiritual reincarnation of his Great Grandfather, who was also a healer, and is a rare combination of various types of Balinese Healer. Usually, a Balinese Healer gains spiritual access through either reincarnation, as a medium with a particular deity, through the possession of a spiritual object (pusaka often a Kris), or through the studying of sacred Balinese texts (lontars). Ida Dukuh is blessed with all of these attributes, providing him with the ability to diagnose and heal an immense range of problems, including issues of physical health, spiritual health, energy, relationships, life path, business, love, and your future. Ida Dukuh’s spiritual guide is the Queen of the South Seas or Nyi Roro Kidul Source: www.nyairorokidul.com/(also known as Kanjeng Gusti Ayu Ratu…