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05 April

All Day

Clinging to the rock face of a stunning 500ft sea cliff, The Spa defies both convention and gravity. With liquid floors, wall-less rooms and sensuous curves, its lightness of being seduces and liberates the senses.

The spa’s innovative design may break new ground, but the soul of The Spa is as old as Bali itself. The Spa offers a quintessential Balinese spa experience inspired by the four basic elements of the daily Balinese temple offering; sincere devotion, sacred flowers, holy water and life-sustaining rice.

The Spa features wet and dry treatment areas, private steam coves and unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean. A selection of in-villa baths and treatments can also be arranged.

Awarded by Asia Spa Magazine as 2010's Most Innovative Spa…

08 April

All Day

Nestled in lush green gardens on the edge of our Resort, Chapung Spa is a true sanctuary of peace for those seeking rejuvenation, relaxation and serenity. Our Spa is next to the Jungle Fish Pool, with its stunning views over the Osh river valley. Here guests can swim or chill out, have lunch and snacks, and then indulge in massage therapy or a treatment. Chapung Spa can also provide a personalized and individual experience. Our highly trained therapists are happy to conduct a private assessment with guests, helping to establish a suitable program of treatments enabling them to receive the most beneficial results during their visit. The Spa offers a range of head to toe pampering, from signature massages and hot stone therapies, to personalized body, facial and…