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15 April

  • Bali
08 AM-10 AM

Enjoy this easy and most enjoyable hike through paradise in Bali! Accompanied by a local guide you will step out into the Balinese countryside, hiking through rice terraces observing the work being done here, small dirt roads in between banana-, mango- and jackfruit trees. You will listen to the blue bird singing, eat mangosteen along the way, smell vanilla from the tree and observe the breathtaking panorama view of Mount Batukaru. By now you have learned everything about their Bali culture in this area. During a short rest in a local farm you will taste a real "Bali coffee" to gain energy for the rest of the easy hike to the rice factory (cooperation) and past the school of Piling. As the road continues you…

16 April

  • Ungasan
  • -
12 PM

This two day freediving course in Amed, Bali, is an excellent general introduction to freediving for anyone interested in developing their aquatic ability. From people with a lot of experience in the water to those with almost none this course is an important introduction to freedive. This is the most intensive 2 day basic level freediving course available. Due to location and set up, we waste no time with boats and logistics meaning that more time is spent learning, practising and adapting to individual needs.* Day 1 9.30 : Freediving theory and dry practice in beachside training space. 12.00 : Lunch. 13.30 : Yoga for freedivers . 14.30 : Freediving on training lines in Jemeluk Bay for 2 to 3 hours. * Day 2 9.30…