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09 April

12 PM

CRATE Cafe was created to serve the yummy needs of the Creative Canggu Community with their own blend of CRATE Coffee and delicious freshly made daily breakfast and lunch. The cafe welcomes walk-ins and it is good for groups, parties, and children. They serve takeaway, catering, and provide outdoor seating. Crate Cafe is ready to serve you everyday, from 06:00am to 05:00pm.

10 April

12 PM

This is definitely the place to go to if you want a good cup of coffee.They also have a choice between several different types of milk as well as a menu full of differently styled coffees and can go traditional with a nice cappuccino or get a little more creative and order a ‘Mocha Almond’. Overall they have an amazing service, lovely people, mind-blowing coffee and delicious food. And as your mind and body are happy, so is your wallet! For everything and get the prices are great!

11 April

12 PM

You can hang and sun tan on the lawn from 11am onwards, while you watch the long board surfers slide along the Canggu waves, directly out front of the premises. Order bites and a carafe of sangria to share as you slip into another beautiful Bali sunset. Move indoors to wine and dine with your loved ones, and stay late into the night with cocktails and delicious food. What was lacking in Canggu before, is lacking no more. Sunday Sundowns have been taken to a whole new level, where casual meets classy and the ocean meets The Lawn.

12 April

12 PM

Eden Café opened October 2015 with a simple concept of healthy, inexpensive dining. We are a small family business that supports the local economy by purchasing most of our fresh produce from the farmers in Bali. The fresh produce is delivered daily, early morning for our customers to enjoy throughout the day. Our chef ensures that the food we offer on the menu is not only delicious, but nutritionally balanced as well. We offer a non-diet approach and hope that you, as the customer can create a healthy relationship with food at Eden Café.

13 April

12 PM

Matcha Cafe Bali is a neighbourhood cafe serving up a line of matcha organic green tea beverages, speciality coffee, a seasonal and healthy food menu for all-day breakfast and lunch. As main goal is to share the passion for matcha following the principles of simplicity and quality. They believe that by using simple, quality local and organic ingredients they can create a premium experience for customers to enjoy.