West Timor is located on the Eastern most parts of the Indonesian archipelago. It is situated to the North of Australia, between Java and the New Guineas and is part of the Nuse Tengara Island chain. Although it is part of Indonesia, West Timor is unlike the rest of Indonesia in so many ways. The weather, the people, the landscape and the culture all offer a totally unique and authentic experience.

Though the Timors have been plagued with the stigma of warfare and rebellions, the island is generally just as safe as any other part of Indonesia. Furthermore, it possesses the added benefit of much fewer tourist crowds and a more chilled, local vibe. Though the island is sheltered from the southerly swells, when the swells come, they are generally more powerful and consistent. Furthermore, there are a few surfs spots, such as Rote, just a few miles south of the main island, or T-Land, that generally have consistent, heart-pumping surf.

If you are someone looking for empty stretches of beach, strong local culture, tropical, life abundant waters and perfectly formed waves made just for you, West Timor is a place definitely worth exploring. 

Recommended Surf Breaks in the Area


Accessible from the beach at Nemberala, T-Land is the crown jewel of Roti. Its named in this fashion due to its similarities with the Javanese wave, G-Land.