Indonesia is a world renowned surf destination - swell wraps itself around hundreds of islands and atolls, producing a staggering variety of world class waves. The islands of Lombok and Sumbawa are no exception!

It has surf breaking over reef and point breaks that are ultra challenging and surf breaks which are suitable for all standards of surfer, especially in these islands....not only that but Lombok & Sumbawa are what Bali was like in the 1970's - still relatively untouched by tourism and offering some great surf for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas of Bali.

We do not only cater for the surfer on a boat charter, we also have some fantastic accommodation and land packages available for either Lombok or Sumbawa.

Recommended Surf Breaks in the Area


Scar Reef is one of Sumbawas best waves. It is a world class barrel that takes off like a freight train and has several backdoor sections.


Supersuck is a thick left-hander located on the South-western corner of Sumbawa. Its a thick barrel that breaks off a surge rock and grinds along shallow reef at the base of a cliff.


Yo-Yos is an easier setup than its neighbours, Supersuck and Scar Reef. There is actually two waves in this little cove, The Wedge and The Hook.


Periscopes is a lesser known gem in the Lakey area. Its a fast, barrelling right-hander thats best surfed on high tide.


Lakey Peak is the most consistently and commonly surfed spot in the area. It is the perfect Indonesian peak. The wave produces a nice barrel from the take-off with the left being the longer of the two.