Sumba is a small and relatively quiet island part of the Lesser Islands, in the east Indonesian region. With a main town population of 656,259, Sumba is celebrated for it’s distinctly tribunal culture and it’s ‘off the beaten track’ vibe.

Geographically, Sumba is quite distinct from its other Indonesian counterparts. In contrast to the steep volcanic cliffs and lush greenery Indonesia is renowned for, Sumba’s landscape is comprised of smooth and rolling limestone hills. Its proximity in between the Asian and Australasian continents gives Sumba a distinct population of flora and fauna that borrows its characteristic from both continents.

Though, compared to its more popular Indonesian counterparts, Sumba is slightly less equipped to accommodate many tourists, the excitement and adventure of witnessing this unique culture is well worth it. The surf is Sumba is as diverse as its culture. From left hand barrels, good quality rights, beginners to advanced surfers, Sumba caters to surfers of all levels, without the crowds!

Recommended Surf Breaks in the Area


Millers Right is a quality right-hand point that wraps around flat reef in front of a headland. Its a great option suitable intermediates and above. It throws out everything from nice little cover up to long rippable walls.


Nihiwatu is an all time left-hander located in front of an exclusive Eco-Resort by the same name. Nihiwatu Resort only takes a small amount of surfers and you have to stay here to even be seen near the line-up.

Airport Rights is a natural footers relief, hidden in a sea of lefts. When it is small it can be suitable for beginners and intermediates. However, when it starts to get going it is a serious barrel.