Nias, Banyak & Simeulue Islands

The remote regions of the Simeulue, Banyak and Hinako Islands could just about be described as one of the last surf frontiers of Indonesia! It is not only a surfer’s paradise but sets the scene for anyone who is any kind of adventurer or eco-tourist, with the best and safest way to get around on-board a surf charter vessel. Nias renowned for the famous Lagundri Bay right hander has also many waves that break mostly unridden. The charter boats are a great way to explore more area in a shorter time.

Simeulue Island group is located 120km off the Sumatran West coast, and to the south is the Banyak Island group. Further south again you reach Nias Islandand the Hinako Island chain.

Remote and uncrowded, these regions can be reached relatively easily by flights from Medan to Simeulue or flying to Sibloga, which is midway between Medan and Padang on the west coast in the North Sumatra province. From these locations it is only a short transfer to one of our surf charter vessels and then a relatively short cruise to your destination.

This region is not as crowded as the Mentawai Islands to the south and here you will experience the true nature of adventure amongst world class waves. These area's still have many spots to surf that the operators don't speak about so they remain secret for the time being. Come and be part of a truly raw and powerful surf adventure.

Recommended Surf Breaks in the Area


Afulu is a high quality left-hander that is definitely worth a look if the surrounding breaks are maxing out.


Asu is a long and almond barrelled left that breaks of the Northern most island in the Hinakos group. The wave wraps around the reef presenting a huge wall to charge.


Bawa is one of the classic lonely Indonesia right handers. Its located in the very remote and isolated Hinako Islands, just off Nias.


The Bay of Plenty is a very consistent bay in the Banyak Islands, known for several breaks that include two lefts and a right hander. It is an extremely wave rich area for its size.


Cobra Logs or Treasure Island Left is located on the other side of the island to the right. This left hand reef break picks up more swell than the neighbouring right hander and gets perfect when it has the correct swell direction, breaking long and fast.


Tea Bags is a fast heavy and hollow wave for experienced surfers only. It is located on a very isolated island that is accessed strictly by boat only.


Named after a now defunct Thai logging camp and located on the main Simeulue island. Thailands is a fun left hand reef break with an occasional barrel section. There is also a right hander about one kilometre away from the left.


The Point at Lagundri Bay is one of the greatest waves in the world. It is the classic Indo right hander that everyone dreams about.


Treasure Island is every natural footers dream. Its a right hand reef break that is one kilometre long. Located on the most western island of the Banyak group, it is very isolated and is only accessible via boat.


Turtle Island is a fun short and fat left hander towards the southern end of the island that is worth checking when swells smaller elsewhere.


Dislocators is a shallow, barrelling left that is best left to those more advanced surfers. This wave is located in a Southern region of the Telo Islands.


GTs is a super fun, super round, right-hander. Also known as Coronas, it breaks over a softish coral reef producing a mechanical barrel making it a sure favourite of anyone who surfs it.


Le Ba is another pretty right-hander that runs along the edge of an island. The wave peaks and walls nicely before running onto the reef.


Maxs Left is a long, bowling wave that can provide a nice little barrel in a couple of separate sections. It is perfect for the intermediate to advanced surfer.


Maxs Right is a fun, bowling wave that offers a long ride on the right swell direction. It can provide everything from workable walls to decent length barrels.


Pinnacles is an extremely fun right-hander located only fifteen minutes from Telos 101. Pinnacles is well suited to longboarders and has a great bowly section at the end of the ride.


Schoolyards is made up of three separate waves which all work on different swell directions. This area is open to the full force of any South to West swell and will have something surfable even on the flattest days.


There are several different waves in The E.R region. Two separate reef passes contain two lefts and three rights.


Wegs is located in the Southern region of the Telo Islands and doesnt usually get too many visitors. It draws off a shallow reef producing some high speed barrels.


Zippers is a really fast left that races over a shallow reef. It is best suited to experienced surfers as it throws out a tricky little barrel.


Ujung Bocur, also known as Karang Nyimbor is a playground of a wave located directly in front of the Luxury South Sumatran Surf Camp. On the right swell, it can break way over 300m.


Way Jambu is located only 10 minutes away from the Luxury South Sumatran Surf Camp. Also known as Sumatran Pipe, it is a wave reserved for hellmen or the experts.


Krui is probably the most well known wave in South Sumatra and can be found in the Krui village area. Be prepared, when Krui is pumping, it will be nice and hollow.


Jennys Right is a short but sharp wave located on the South Sumatran Mainland. It offers a nice little tube section before opening up and allows a couple of quick turns.