It has been said that Lombok is what Bali was like in the 70s and 80s. Relatively un-crowded and offering a varied range of both fun and gnarly waves, the island of Lombok provides a wave rich option for the slightly more adventurous surfer. Most waves can be accessed by land, however a boat trip with a trusty captain or surf guide will likely lead to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Getting to the waves: A number of local Indonesian carriers depart daily from Jakarta and Denpasar (Bali) flying direct to Lombok International & Domestic Airport (Bandar Udara). From Bandar airport a taxi ride takes around 30 to 40 minutes to Kuta Lombok which is central to the majority of waves on the South Coast.


Direction: Right & left hand reef break
Experience: Intermediate to experienced
Season: Wet season & dry Season
Bali Bible Rating: ****

Belongas Bay is a consistent swell magnet with two main breaks. The right, located to the West of the bay provides long powerful rides. The left on the East side of the bay is a little less consistent, however in bigger swells provides fun rippable walls.



Direction: Left hand reef break
Experience: Expert
Season: Dry Season
Bali Bible Rating: *****

Desert Point or Bangko Bangko’s is (yet another) one of the world’s best waves. Situated at the far West corner of Lombok, Indian Ocean swells break for up to 300m along shallow reef providing fast hollow tube sections. A must for experienced surfers.



Direction: Right & left hand reef breaks
Experience: Beginner to intermediate
Season: Wet season & dry season
Bali Bible Rating: ***

Grupuk Bay is located 20 minutes by scooter or taxi from Kuta. There are a number of waves in the bay suited to all levels including a super fun right hand point break, a more mellow right situated deeper in the bay, and a cruisy left.  Once arriving in Grupuk, it is a short boat rid out to the break. The boat operators will find you on arrival. There is simple budget accommodation in the area for those happy to rough it for a few nights.  



Direction: Right & left hand reef breaks

Experience: Beginner to intermediate
Season: Wet Season & dry season
Bali Bible Rating: **

Located in the Kuta region, the waves of inside and outside Ekas provide two fun mellow options for beginners looking to fine tune their skills on softer easy waves. The mood in the line up is usually very relaxed and suited to those who may feel a tad intimidated at the more advanced breaks.