West Java... a place of wild jungles, volcanoes, terraced rice fields, deserted beaches, diverse culture and people and of course many world class waves. West Java is known throughout Indonesia for its lush forests and extensive highlands and is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

This area remains relatively unknown to mainstream tourism but just like much of Indonesia's surfing area's it is gaining popularity amongst traveling surfers in search for the perfect waves. West Java has one big bonus, it offers a variety of uncrowded surfing options allowing you to get maximum surf time from your trip.

West Java has three main surf areas starting with Pelabuhan Ratu, Ujung Genteng and the exotic perfection of Panaitan Island.

The most accessible of these areas is the seaside resort / fishing village of Pelabuhan Ratu. With its village atmosphere and friendly locals, it has many excellent surfing options to suit all levels of surfer and is also a good starting point for a trip to the incredibly stunning area of Ujung Genteng which has an array of great uncrowded reef breaks.

For the surfer looking for grinding world class reef breaks and the ultimate adventure in surf travel then look no further than Panaitan Island - one of the most exotic and perfect wave havens in Indonesia.

West Java is a fascinating area of Indonesia - a true paradise of unspoilt natural beauty and any visit to this amazing place will leave you with many unforgettable memories. Any surfer wanting to experience the adventurous wild side of Indonesia and escape from the main tourist areas then West Java is an experience for any surfer.


Cimaja has been described as a high performance wave, as it throws out a variety of bowls, sections and the odd barrel.


The premier big wave spot in West Java, Ombak Tujuh is a shifting left-hand peak that barrels off the take-off and reels down the line.


A fun bowling left-hander located within the Ujung Genteng peninsula. Turtles offers a nice barrel that is comparable to Bingin in Bali, although it can handle a bit more size.


Grajagan is a typical Indonesian Reef except in relation to its size. The reef stretches vastly around the peninsula, where large South to Southwest swells finally unload their insatiable energy.


Apocalypse is buried deep in the Bay of Panaitan Island. It is a huge gaping barrel with what looks to be a makeable section.


Named after a solitary palm tree that just to sit at the tip of the point. Unfortunately its no longer there but dont worry, the wave still is. One Palm Point is a long and sucky left that will leave you with a life time memory.


Indicators sits just outside Illusions, off the Western fork of the bay and is a handful of open reefs. They are generally peaky right handers that stand up and dissipate just as quickly.


Illusions is located inside the Western Point of the bay. It is a fiery right hander that breaks over a very sharp and shallow reef.


A fun wave which is great for beginners, mals and cruisers. Pussys lacks the power of the surrounding waves and definitely is the softest wave on Panaitan Island.


Due to its consistency, Napalms is one of the more popular waves on the Island. It offers a more generous take off and barrel section then its older and outside brother, One Palm Point.