The Best Middle Priced Restaurants $$995

You need to give these restaurants a go. Middle of the range in price and a really good feed.

Batik Restaurant & Bar


Batik Restaurant & Bar is a delicate South East Asian restaurant in Seminyak - BALI : The restaurant bar is giving pride of place to Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian kitch... See more

Dahana Restaurant


A quality, great value for money Japanese style restaurant & gallery using a part of the owner's house as a restaurant. There's a pool in the center with some traditional... See more

Poco Loco Mexican Restaurant and Bar


Poco Loco was established in 1992, and has been the place to visit for many thousands over the years. It has recently undergone a major renovation, with the addition of a... See more

Mykonos Restaurant


Mykonos Greek Taverna is a landmark restaurant located on the famous Jalan Oberoi Street in Seminyak Bali. Known by thousands of people around the world for it's auth... See more