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Best places to shop for body products, unique to Bali

Sensatia Botanicals - Seminyak Village


We are proud to be a village-based, profit-sharing company producing Bali's finest natural skincare since 2000... See more

Bali Balance


The founder of Bali Balance has been in the spa business for almost a decade. Firstly opened the Bali Balance Health spot in Oberoi Road, then set up and run various spas... See more

Kaizen Organic Bali


Bali Organic Home Delivery & Supply Service ... See more

Kou Bali

Slow Life with KOU Eternal flow of BALI's nature. Made with care natural soap. KOU Soap are carefully made, individually, and using a tradi-tional ageing process, where i... See more

Republic of soap


We create exquisite natural body care products using the purest natural ingredients available. Our products are made from simple yet wholesome recipes developed to the hi... See more

Blue Stone Botanical

At Blue Stone Naturals, based in the village of Ubud on the island of Bali, we are dedicated to making these timeless natural health traditions accessible for contemporar... See more

Noesa soap

  • Nusa Penida
  • -

Enjoy a fresh, healthy, and fun soaping!... See more


  • Kerobokan
  • -

Bathe offers a wide range of stylishly simple bath and body care products based on the idea of natural goodness. From a comprehensive line of body care products ?¢¬Ä¬... See more


Bamboo Charcoal is known for centuries in Asia. It was used for its numerous properties to Detox, Purify and Protect. With its highly porous structure, Bamboo produces a ... See more