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Best Mexican Restaurants You Must Try In Bali6k

We explore Bali best Mexican restaurants to get a taste of Mexican culture this Cinco de Mayo.

Motel Mexicola


Nestled amongst the coco palms and glassy swells of Seminyak, Bali, lives the tropical oasis known as MOTEL MEXICOLA. Put your thinking shoes on and envision the lovechil... See more

Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana


They have been kicking it in Bali since 2012, located just off the bustling and famous Seminyak eat street, encapsulating the essence and classic style of the hip Colonia... See more

Lacalita Bar Y Cocina

Lacalita Bar, sister to Seminyak's Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana and an evolution of modern Mexican dining brought to Canggu. Their foods fresh and drinks an art form. Their ... See more

La Pacha Mama Ubud

LA PACHA MAMA is Bali’s first all-natural plant-based authentic Mexican restaurant. They offer fresh, delicious and authentic hand-made Mexican dishes. Completely an... See more

La Mexicana

Kerobokan Mexican restaurant La Mexicana is a beautiful Mexican restaurant serving really good food, on Jalan Raya Canggu in Kerobokan. Wow, someone has poured their hear... See more

Taco Casa Seminyak


They offer their customers fresh, delicious flavors of Mexico almost exactly on the opposite side of the globe, great value for money and all topped off with quick-friend... See more

Taco Beach Grill In Seminyak


Taco Beach Grill is Bali’s only American owned eatery offering Mexican, contemporary Mexican cuisine and gourmet tacos. They offer your tradional favorites and they dev... See more

Laramona Ubud

LaRamona is the creation of Joshira Yugopradana, Co-Owner and Chef and Sarah Massie, Co-Owner/Hostess/Waitress/Bartender/MusicalWhiz. Together they have created a funky s... See more

Tempo Tapas Bar Boutique


Best tapas in sanur !... See more

Taco Casa Canggu

They offer their customers fresh, delicious Mexican flavors almost exactly on the opposite side of the globe, great value for money and all topped off with quick-friend... See more


  • Nusa Dua
  • -

A beachfront pool bar and tapas lounge. Open for lunch and dinner, Breezes is the perfect place to feel refreshed on a sultry afternoon or to soak in one of the island's ... See more

Taco Loco Bali


Hearty Mexican Fare!... See more

Johnny Tacos


Johnny Tacos is a food truck style taco bar in Bali. First opened under the name Thirsty Clams ( ), it was a simple juice bar that ... See more