Bali Touched Up Tattoo

Tattoos can fade and change for various reasons. Some tattoo changes, caused by: Skin texture changes (wrinkles, scars, stretches) Time (duration of tattoo made) Spend a lot of time exposed to the elements like water or the sun, especially tattoo location is in the hands and feet. Imperfect the finalize process in previous tattoos. That factors often makes tattoo owners want to fix it. But mostly they also confused, what should do between a touch up or cover up. Touch up is repairing existing tattoos while keeping the original design. Touch up will make the tattoo look better, refreshed, and brighter. Improvements with touch ups can also be done by clarifying the outline of the tattoo, deepening black, and correct faded colors. Touch up is the right choice if you still want an old tattoo design, on same location but with fresher colors and shapes. Tattoo artist professionals can even be creative adding details of elements to fill the empty space that might not have finished in the previous tattoo process. Touch up with tattoo experts really makes your tattoo look better and proud.