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Awe-inspiring Chocolate Factory You Will Find In Bali1k

Primo Chocolate Factory


Pure, high quality chocolate hand made in Bali from cocoa beans sourced in Bali... See more

Bali Chocolate Factory

In a marvelous coconut field in Karangasem, near famous Virgin beach, you can find funny looking waggish bamboo pyramids. This is Charlys chocolate factory, the first cho... See more

Mason Gourmet Chocolate Factory

Relish the joy of eating luscious chocolate with their fresh Balinese cacao. They take considerable time and care to make sure their delicious range of chocolates look ap... See more

Ubud Raw Chocolate

For those who think they are bored with “normal” chocolate or they are committed to vegan lifestyle, visit Ubud Raw Chocolate factory on your way to Ubud! It is defin... See more

Pod Origin (Pod Bali Chocolate)

At POD Origin their guided tours will take you through the whole process from roasting to tasting to making your won. Finish it off with one of the finest chocolate f... See more