A recent addition to the Bali Bible team, Sasya is the queen of helping with planning dream trips to Bali and Bali Bible Villas. Here are a few of Sasya's favourite places and venues in Bali!

Must Eat Local Foods When You Visit Bali6k

From fancy fine dining to humble street food, these delicious places to eat indonesian authentic food you must try while visit Bali

Kendi Kuning Restaurant


Always prepared with the freshest of regional ingredients, K?ndi Kuning bar & restaurant has one of the best family or gourmet menus in the region. Kendi Kuning bar and ... See more

Bebek Teba Sari Restaurant

With the concept of Tri Hita Karana, the way of life of Balinese people, we serve for the tourists who visit our garden. A combination of Balinese daily activities can be... See more

Kafe Batan Waru

Conveniently located in the heart of Ubud, and at lippo mall Kuta. Batan Waru always have something for you. Known foremost for offering Bali's most interesting and delic... See more

Gabah Indonesian Cuisine

Gabah Indonesian Cuisine is located within Ramayana Resort & Spa, it offers guests a varied mix of traditional and modern Indonesian cuisine. Our Chef and his passionate ... See more

Warung Boo Boo's


Hungry....!! eat at Warung Boo Boo's. many choice of Indonesian food, Nasi Campur always available. fresh cook meal is available as well such : soto ayam, rawon (beef bla... See more

Warung Mak Beng


Simple delicious fish soup.... See more

Dapur Bunda


Ubud restaurant Dapur Bunda is a quaint home cooking, peaceful restaurant on Jalan Sri Wedari opposite the Ubud market serving MSG-free tasty food. Ubud restaurant Dapur ... See more

Blanco Par Mandif

In our way of nurturing the nature and culture, We explore the Mother Nature to procure the freshest ingredients. Some element(s) are left untouched, while other(s) are i... See more

Warung Sulawesi


Authentic Indonesian home cooking from Sulawesi Island tasty and delicious located in small gang next to ling ling ... See more

Bumbu Bali

The extravagant beauty and delights of Bali extend to its very difficult to find cuisine. We are delighted to serve you only authentic Balinese cuisine in a traditionally... See more

Kampoeng Bali


Experience Balis yesteryear with a culinary journey at Kampoeng Bali, RIMBAs distinctive Balinese cultural performance restaurant. Specially designed to welcome you into ... See more

Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud


Since being established in Bali on 2009 and managed by Avilla Hospitality, Bale udang is well known for successfully bring rural feeling in the middle of hustle and bustl... See more

Babi Guling Bu Suci Selingsing Cepaka


Bali???s night culinary was always hounded by food lovers and for workers who go home at night . No wonder many stalls began opening night until the early morning . One o... See more

Warung Adi


Best Betutu chicken in Sanur... See more

Sunda Kelapa Restaurant Bali

  • Kuta
  • -

Home-style meal with Betawi serving excellent cuisine on the island of Bali. With shades of thick Betawi, friendly and fast service, and of course that is hygienic and d... See more

Manisan Restaurant


Ubud Culinary Theater - Indonesian Culinary Showcase... See more

Warung Mbak'Nit

  • Canggu
  • -

A small and cozy place to hang out and relax with great food in the middle of Bali rice fields.... See more