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Jana and Casey's Burrrfffday Bashhhh by Jana


We've been friends for years and never get a chance to travel together, so please make our dream come TRUE.


A once in a life time girls trip to Bali featuring the best beach clubs, restaurants, bars, spas and shopping. What more could a girl ask for?!


Girls Trip to Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Nusa Lembongan and Seminyak


This is our idea of the best Bali trip you can ever have, A combination of adventures, fine dining, culture and beach life - something we think everyone should experience!


Ultimate travel guide to some of the most instagrammable places in Bali.


Create your most inspiring Bali trip and share this with your friends & followers. Get the most unique views during the competition period to WIN. Live it up in luxury with up to 7 friends at some of Bali's most exclusive villas.


For all my best friends who are mothers and dont get the time to go away anymore. A tour of Bali's best food, cocktails and good times. Reconnect with each other and find happiness in the beauty of our friendship


If You Never Try, You'll Never Know by Emily


Scenic AF places with a focus on food and fitness. Check it out! :p


Exploring the best gastronomical experience in Seminyak for your trip in Bali.


Experience the best Bali has to offer with a beautiful balance of food & experiences that have you feeling like ROYALTY .....


Suitable for the first timers holiday in Bali who wants to take the unforgettable moment to surround this island. Exploring Seminyak, Hopping beaches in Uluwatu, Chilling your time in Canggu, Relaxing in Ubud, and enjoying Nusa Lembongan! :)


Awarded to the Best Themed Trip. You might like to create 'The Surfer's Bali Bucketlist' or the 'Girls Shopping Trip to Seminyak'. Get creative and you and a friend could be unwinding in the serenity of Ubud.


The ultimate trip to get out and about in Canggu and see all of the best places!


Bali Bliss by Steve Harvey

Win the ultimate bali escape
$100,000 worth of prizes