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The Bali Bible is your ULTIMATE GUIDE to the Best of the Best that Bali has to offer. From parties, culture, fine dining and street food... 6-star luxury villas to shoestring surf stays… Families, friends,…


With so much happening in Bali and so many new venues popping up every week, the island is now saturated with some of the world's most trend-setting restaurants. Keeping up to date with all of the new and amazing venues is hard work so we decided to create a comprehensive list of the best Bali Restaurants for you!

Best Restaurants in Bali


Amazing things to do and see in Bali.



With so much development happening in Bali, new venues are popping up every week. Here are some of the hottest new places in Bali for 2017!

Hottest new venues for those going to Bali in 2017!


Not everyone has been to Bali so we thought we would share places to go or see for first timers!



A small collection of the cooler spots to hang out, enjoy the beaches and drink a cocktail or bintang.

BEST Beach Clubs


A comprehensive list of places to get inked

Best tattoo artists in Bali


Bali is quickly becoming one of the most iconic and inspirational hubs for fashion and here are some of our favourite Retail Stores in Bali!

Some of the Best Retail Stores in Bali


The idea of exploring Bali typically conjures up images of snorkelling, shopping, and visiting the many remarkable temples. If you plan on seeking out the weird and wonderful, this list is for you! Experience Bali in ways you might never have imagined. Prepare to be amazed, inspired and in some cases maybe even a little scared! List created by our partners at!

Things to do in Bali, you would never have imagined were possible!


The best places on Bali for caffeine and great meals! Regularly updated to showcase the best of the Island of the Gods.


We combed our website head to toe to find you the best, lesser known villas that are insanely good value!

154 hidden gems you need to know about before you book!


Here is a collection of the best factory outlets and sale shops in Bali worth checking out!

Bali's Best Factory Outlets and Sale Shops


It's no secret that Bali has some of the most spectacular sunset in the world! Here are our top picks of venues to watch the sun go down.

The BEST Sunset Locations in all of Bali


All businesses listed on our website are automatically ranked by on the number of public views the listing has received. It then ranks them in this order to ensure the most popular information is always presented first. Here we present the most popular restaurants for 2017 so far - JUDGED BY YOU, the public...



A list of some of the places in Bali that look interesting or cool that I think everyone should visit.

Venues that need to be on your MUST SEE list.


Bali has luxurious water front villas, cliffside resorts and plenty of unique hotels. But what if you're heading to Bali on a budget? Here are some places you won’t believe are under $70 / night.

Great value Bali hotels & Villas under $70/night


We compiled the best selection of food and beverages shop's - both local or imported, fresh and high quality in Bali from affordable prices for you!

Best Places for Groceries in Bali


It's all about where to go and what to do when in Bali... here are some Must Do things!

Must do things in Bali!


A comprehensive list of our favourite beachfront resorts in Seminyak!

Best Beachfront Resorts in Seminyak


Meal time is best enjoyed with family. Here are our top picks of restaurants that your kids will enjoy as much as you.

The Most Family Friendly Restaurants in Bali


A list of some of the hottest places for 2016, includes new venues, the most popular places and some underground locations not many people know about!

Bali's Most Popular Places for 2016!

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