The story of Eighteen Thousand Islands began in the summer of 2002, when we set up our charcoal grill every Wednesday night at the Queen Victoria Night Market in Melbourne. We had massive queues waiting…


If you require locations in Bali for a product shoot that needs to capture the essence of the holiday island then here's a great list. Full of colour and coolness, with a dash of the traditional Bali thrown in. Oh, and it's great list if you just want some really instagrammable and hip places to hang out!

Great locations for a product shoot in Bali


Here's a glimpse of the Bali that we know. Since first coming here as a small children in 1982 we fell in love with the essence of Bali. Sure, new modern western restaurants are nice, but nothing compares to the sights and smells of traditional Bali.

The best of Real Balinese Food