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With so much happening in Bali and so many new venues popping up every week, the island is now saturated with some of the world's most trend-setting restaurants. Keeping up to date with all of the new and amazing venues is hard work so we decided to create a comprehensive list of the best Bali Restaurants for you!


A place that I want to try


A great list of activities to do with kids. Recommended for families.


For travellers seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure here our favourite

This is my favourite surf spot.. the picture on profile pic of me and my then 3 year old daughter cruising across a super fun left hander.... I love surfing here on the long boards its such a good vibe in the water, heaps of chicks surfing and waves for different abilities and great for beginners.


Created for Fiona Hensley ; gift voucher for honeymoon


The most beautiful places to say 'I do' by the sea


Bali is a mecca for retreats. Fitness, yoga, adventure or food, there is something for everyone!


Bali is a tropical paradise not just for couples, but also great for families. A private family villa with in-house facilities and plenty of space is all you need for both you and your kids to have fun together. Here is a list which includes all the villas perfect for that family holiday! For more info on anything to do with Bali please email me at


Some amazing places i experienced during my June / July 2016 trip!


Suggestions and inspirations for my August 2016 trip


places to eat and drink


What says tropical holiday, more than sitting in a pool with a chilled cocktail? Here are some of our favorite unique pool clubs


Unfortunately, these are classy spas and wont rub and tug you Wally.


created for chris wanting family friendly resort around Nusa Dua