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Bali never cease to pamper its visitors's eyes. Not only its beaches, Bali is so rich with its amazing views. Here are some amazing things…


The most beautiful places to say 'I do' by the sea


Lordy there's some good food to be had and here are the list !


try these itineraries to satisfy your romantic journey in Paradise Island


Food, Beach clubs, Shopping


Shops I like and want to Try


Some amazing lunch spots to check out in Seminyak


Great cocktails can be hard to find, so heres the list for you where the islands top bartenders serve their signature drink


This is an list of some of the places I've been or would like to go in Bali! (This is an example list we created for you, start adding to this list and replace this text, or feel free to delete once you get a hang of it!)


Whether it is sophisticated dining, cocktails at sunset, unpretentious eats, hip beats or family fun, we have listed for you TOP Bali beach clubs with a free access to all visitors in Bali.