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Combining great settings, good vibes, eclectic lists of innovative drinks and impressive views, these 10 great rooftop venues in Bali cater to those who consider the sky the limit, with the best options available to kick back and chill or dance and party away.


These are some of our favourite lunch spots in Sanur!


A range of selection for those who are in need of personal time. You can start your day with a cup of coffee, a brunch, a day spa, and a sunset cocktails.


A list of some of the Wedding planners we know, and would recommend. We still suggest you catch up with them in person, before confirming any details.


Created for Jee looking for Villa Complex in Seminyak accommodate up to 30 people (2 -5 Dec 2016)


Cafe with hand-crafted food exceptional coffee, and amazing wall art


For those looking for something a little more extravagant, these Bali dining experiences leave an impression.


created for Shane Finch looking for resort with swim up bar around $200 p/n


The wonderful island of Bali is one of the most popular tourist spots, celebrated for its impressive temples, communities, artists, and breathtaking landscapes, here are some of the best art and cultural experiences Bali has to offer.


Don’t be surprised – Bali has its own share of unique cafes and restaurants that offer amazing views and cosy corners where you can read, have an afternoon tea or simply people-watch.


Staying in one of these absolute beautiful rooms will refresh your soul.


If you're gluten intolerant, eating out can be a minefield of indigestible grains. But don't despair, we've picked our top restaurants for gluten-free restaurants in Sanur


Nyepi day is coming! Also known as the "Day of Silence," it is one of the important religious events in Balinese Hindu culture and marks the celebration of the New Year in the Hindu Lunar calendar. This year, Nyepi Day falls on Tuesday, 28th March 2017 starting from 6 am until 6 am in the next day. Here are our suggestions for where to spend it!


Best accom that are close to the Suluban beach and swimming area ( great location )


Dedicated for digital nomads who are desperately need a comfortable & "less touristy"-more quiet place with good coffee, wifi, food, and power socket to help you be more…


We add hundreds of new businesses to our website every month, and sometimes newly listed businesses get a crazy response - here are the Cafes & Restaurants that are TRENDING for July 2017!


Selections for gluten-free diets in Bali, from dedicated menus to restaurants who know how to create delicious dishes for you by simply asking for their GF menus.