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A list of some of my favourite breaks in Bali.


Accommodation in Kuta Lombok ranging from $9USD-$60USD a night and the best places to grab a bite or beer


The best places to take a few days and immerse yourself in surfing around Indo


Indonesia is home to some of the best and most consistent surf on the planet. Blessed with a diverse selection of waves from sand bottom beach breaks to gnarly shallow reef breaks, and everything in between, Indonesia offers surfers that perfect wave filled escape, suited to all abilities and budgets. Looking to book a trip suited to your budget and ability? Don’t know whether to jump on a Boat or chillax at a land camp? Here at The Bali Bible we have teamed up with some of the best operators in the region to help our fans and followers navigate the archipelago and score perfect warm water waves.


So you're venturing to Indo on the search for the perfect wave, and you're not traveling on a shoe-string anymore! Here are some places where you will score epic waves and sweet digs.

This is my favourite surf spot.. the picture on profile pic of me and my then 3 year old daughter cruising across a super fun left hander.... I love surfing here on the long boards its such a good vibe in the water, heaps of chicks surfing and waves for different abilities and great for beginners.


Paddle out to some of the most famous brakes in the world!


Hit Bali's world famous breaks while enjoying a Surf Camp experience


Whether you're a surfing beginner or a long time pro, check these lists out


So if you're looking for Surfing Retreats we gathered for the best surf camp that keeps your summer alive!... Stop daydreaming and let's go

Kuta Beach is the world's best beginner surfing spot! Let's start surfing with us :)