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There are hundreds of ways to do Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform. We've now got a wealth of inspirational lists and insider knowledge for almost anything on Bali. So start browsing and discover places you never knew existed with Bali's most popular Travel site.


Sometimes we think that to afford villa with stunning view, comfortable bed, more private seem impossible. Here you will see and check these villas out that…


Our favorite list of Exotic Accommodations in Candidasa as among your topmost selections for your upcoming Bali holiday

Our favourites are all close to home. Pop out for drink in some some of the most fun, classy and down and dirty bars in the neighbourhood


'You get what you pay for' doesn't always apply. These restaurants provide quality food and even better prices.


One of my favorite places in Bali is Nusa Dua. It offers incredible view and also water sports. There are lot of villas, resorts, hotels,…


Good value, hip places to eat down-right delicious food. yum!


In Bali there is a huge range of cuisines available. here are the best Chinese and Chinese inspired restaurants


A list of the best dog-friendly restaurants / Cafe in Bali that serve great food and will make your dog feel as welcome as you are


Heading to Ubud for a few days or one day trip? here's the most popular place to check it out


This list contains a selection of activities I'd love to do and enjoy in Bali. The kind of activities that would make my friends and family wonder if they could do the same fun things, hahaha.

A selection of mouthwatering foods and beverages that I'd like to taste.

Win the ultimate bali escape
$100,000 worth of prizes