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A monument is a type of structure that was explicitly created to commemorate a person or event Here are the list


Nyepi day is coming! Also known as the "Day of Silence," it is one of the important religious events in Balinese Hindu culture and marks the celebration of the New Year in the Hindu Lunar calendar. This year, Nyepi Day falls on Saturday, 17th March 2018 starting from 6 am until 6 am in the next day. Here are our suggestions for where to spend it!


The wonderful island of Bali is one of the most popular tourist spots, celebrated for its impressive temples, communities, artists, and breathtaking landscapes, here are some of the best art and cultural experiences Bali has to offer.


In Bali, this aromatic chile and garlic stuffed duck are wrapped in coconut tree bark and steamed. It bakes beautifully rubbed in coconut oil and covered in aluminium foil and is to be 'dined on' not just eaten. A rare treat to be savoured and enjoyed!


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All these best local Balinese warung style (small traditional diners run by locals and serving day-to-day meals) restaurants in Ubud serve as great additions to this popular highland destination’s vibrant dining scene, a melting pot of cultures and cuisine with classy restaurants set in perfect harmony,it's hidden away in the tranquil green landscape of Ubud They welcome customers of all kinds and budgets, and welcome you to pop in and dine casually over exotic flavours through authentic dishes.


Experience local and tourist markets and try your hand at bartering


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Cooking classes give you the chance to take a part of your holiday home! Here are our top picks of cooking classes in Bali, your family and friends will thank you


Here are 5 Balinese ceremonies that will enrich your trip with hindu culture.