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Every so often there is a special event on TV and you really need to watch it. It might be a final in the footy, a final innings of the Ashes or a big NRL game you just can't miss. Well here is a list of some of the best sport bars in and around Bali.


If you're heading to Seminyak, here is a short list of the must visit Bars to get you started.


Bali is the place to give in to your hedonistic desires and cease the night! This list of tried and tested favourites is sure to stir the party animal within.


As much as we love Bali’s white beaches and luscious jungles, there are occasions when one just wants to dress up for a classier night of gold and glitters. Head to one of Bali’s best rooftop bars to relax and enjoy sunset cocktails in the open air while experiencing another sight of the island. No need to worry as these bars provide the quickest escape routes just in case your date is not as you expected. Just kidding. But do keep that in mind.


Looking for that extra special cocktail? Find a place that looks at all the details of a drink, from its visual appearance, smell, taste and the over


Not all of us love our sport or AFL for that matter, but for those who are in Bali for the final series, we thought we'd provide you with a list of places you can watch the AFL / NRL Finals at while holidaying in Bali!


The return to the traditional art is making a comeback, while at once catering to modern styles and needs, as a younger generation of barbers is picking up the trade. It isn’t just about getting cleaned up and getting back to your day, it’s about taking care, pampering yourself and having a break. Your morning routine – if you really dedicate yourself to it – can wind up having a meditative component. There is a zen-like hyper focus you can fall into while grooming. The cut of a gentelman


It's no secret,the Espresso Martini is the drink of the year. Here's a list of the best places in town for your fix!


The best tangy margartias, to get the fiesta started


Looking for sport bar to watch your favorite games with great crowds in Bali? Check these out!

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