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A list of some of the tours / adventures to do in Ubud


A nice selection of activities for adventure seekers.


It's time to get off the sun lounger, forget the tanning oil, save the Bintangs for later* and head off on a Bali adventure! (Bintangs will be even better after)


Discover our top underwater specialist adventure list for unforgettable diver experience


For travellers seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure here our favourite


If you're more active wear than bikinis, and more energy bars than Bintangs at the bar, this list is for you!


What you need to be in Bali is for the exotics holiday, right? Besides beach, Bali has many exotic places that must enter in your…

Make sure you check out this list for a little bit of inspo before building your very own dream trip on our amazing site


If your vibe is anything outdoors, this list is for you!


A bunch of activities can be your reference in this list. This will help you to find what match to your passion.

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