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There are hundreds of ways to do Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform. We've now got a wealth of inspirational lists and insider knowledge for almost anything on Bali. So start browsing and discover places you never knew existed with Bali's most popular Travel site.


With so much development happening in Bali, new venues are popping up every week. Here are some of the hottest new places in Bali for 2017!


Have the most fun you can on a memorable family vacay in the tropics! This list includes where to stay, eat and must do experiences for the family!


What will 2018 hold for you? If a trip to Bali is on the cards then look no further. We've brought together all of our best recommendations for where to stay, eat, drink and relax in Bali in 2018.


The beginning of the planning stage of my next trip. This list includes all of the must-see places in Bali!


Everything we love about the wonderful Gili Islands in one list. The BEST of the Gili islands Accommodation, Restaurants, Bars and Tours all in one place!


The west coast of the Bukit Peninsula in south Bali is dotted with plumes of white sand that rise out of the sapphire sea. Take your pick from Balangan Beach, Bingin Beach and Padang Padang Beach. Families run funky surfer bars built on bamboo stilts over the tide and the breaks are just metres away. Sunday’s Beach Club is the perfect backdrop for a holiday photograph, or an afternoon of activities. Peer over the Uluwatu cliff edge and stare in amazement at the turquoise Indian Ocean below.


Here are 17 brilliant ideas for birthday parties in Bali. ..Whether you're celebrating being another year older or in charge of organising a bash!


Dedicated for digital nomads who are desperately need a comfortable & "less touristy"-more quiet place with good coffee, wifi, food, and power socket to help you be more…


From accommodation to cafes, Lombok has had a facelift of late... Here are our top picks


With this handy guide to budget eating, places to stay shop and travel in and around Bali, money no longer has to be the defining factor in making this trip the adventure of your life.


The beginning of the planning stage of my next trip. This list includes all of the must-see places in Bali!


Uluwatu - a comprehensive collection of everything you need to do, see and experience when in Uluwatu


Here are some inspirations of our recommended places and things to do for your family holiday trip to Bali!


Looking to get away with your best buddies for a great guys holiday? Plan a killer mancation, bachelor party or solo-trip check out this list

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$100,000 worth of prizes