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Everyone loves to go to Bali and relax, unwind, and have a cocktail or two. Here are our favourite venues in Bali that we think serve the BEST Cocktails on the island.


Happiness comes in waves. There is nothing you will get here but refreshment and joy.

Our favourites are all close to home. Pop out for drink in some some of the most fun, classy and down and dirty bars in the neighbourhood


Gone are the days when Bintang was the only solution to your thirst. These outlets will have you uming and ahhhing over Barossa Shiraz Grenache and an Argentinian Malbec


Eat, drink and relax in Canggu.


Nothing better than some rooftop chillin'


I beach bars hop practically almost everyday in Bali


Favourite beach clubs and bars to visit


Favorite list of unique restaurant around Seminyak & Canggu you would love to visit!


Friend: I'll come but I'm only having '1' drink. Me: Don't ever f#cking speak to me like that again.