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With so many new venues popping up every week, the island is now home to some of the world's trendiest restaurants. We've created a comprehensive list of the best Bali restaurants to help you decide!


With so much development happening in Bali, new venues are popping up every week. Here are some of the hottest new places in Bali for 2017!


Not everyone has been to Bali so we thought we would share places to go or see for first timers!


Entice your sartorial eye at these Bali boutiques. We DARE you to go on a shopping spree...


New hot-spots, includes restaurant . nightlife , bar etc that i think everything on this list is worth a visit.


A collection of cool spots to hang out, enjoy the beaches and with a cocktails or bintang.


From cooking classes to learning to surf, there is so much to discover in colourful Seminyak!


Canggu is one of the hottest spots on Bali right now, with hot new restaurants and resorts opening every week. Populated with surfers, beach babes, yogis, digital nomads and holiday makers, there is something for everyone in the super cool Canggu.


The idea of exploring Bali typically conjures up images of snorkelling, shopping, and visiting the many remarkable temples. If you plan on seeking out the…


Bali is quickly becoming one of the most iconic and inspirational hubs for fashion and here are some of our favourite Retail Stores in Bali!


The best places on Bali for caffeine and great meals! Regularly updated to showcase the best of the Island of the Gods.


Seminyak is a foodie hot spot with world-class restaurants opening weekly. Here are our favourite spots to dine in Seminyak!


You've done the designer boutiques and the markets... It's time to uncover bargains at the outlet stores!

We combed our website to find you the some of the best villas that are insanely good value!


It's no secret that Bali has some of the most spectacular sunset in the world! Here are our top picks of venues to watch the…


Unbeleiveable Uluwatu... There is so much to see and do on Bali's Southern peninsula


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Bali has luxurious water villas, cliffside resorts or unique accommodations but some of these are way too unaffordable… How about going to Bali on a budget and still getting the benefits? It doesn’t mean having a boring cookie-cutter overnight experience in a cramped space, at least not in Bali… Here are some places you won’t believe are under $45 / night.