A recent addition to the Bali Bible team, Sasya is the queen of helping with planning dream trips to Bali and Bali Bible Villas. Here are a few of Sasya's favourite places and venues in Bali!

Odd Places In Bali That Are Sure to Give You Goosebumps!39k

This list will look at the most haunted places in Bali through the island history

abandoned plane in the middle of nowhere

  • Kuta

One of the most queer attractions of Kuta (and there???s always more to be discovered), this Boeing 737 that used to fly across the horizons…See more

The Underwater Temple Garden of Bali

  • Bali
  • -

The beauty of the beaches in Bali was no doubt. But what makes it unique is the temple Pemuteran underwater world had horrendous. To get…See more

Abandoned amusement park Taman Festival


Taman Festival is a large amusement park in Sanur that was never completed. why? find it yourself and you can use our drivers to help…See more


  • Bali

In the traditional Balinese village of Trunyan, the dead are not buried. They are not cremated or burned on a pyre or, as in the…See more

Taman Rekreasi Bedugul


Up in the mountains of Bali on the way to the iconic Bedugul Lake, something is stirring in the fog. It???s a ghost story some…See more

Abandoned temple in Karangasem


Perched on a hill and surrounded by dense greenery in the village of Tista, this temple is a mystery that no one has been able…See more

Bengkala Village


In Bali's Deaf Village, Everyone Speaks Sign Language."The famous story is that two people with magic powers fought each other and then cursed each other…See more

Goa Gala Gala

  • Nusa Lembongan

The Underground House or Goa Gala-GalaSee more

Abandoned Bounty Beach Bungalows Resort

  • Gili Meno

A Balinesian resort, empty and trapped in timeSee more

Goa Lawah


Goa Lawah is one of Bali???s most important temples. It features a complex built around a cave opening that is inhabited by hordes of bats,…See more