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Our team of experts are here to build you personal lists of suggestions on what to do, where to go and even shortlist suggestions for accommodation. If you are keen to get some assistance or for us to…

Lizzie Bone ; Good restaurant to take the kids out 1k

Create for Lizzie Bone ; Sanur area with nice food for kids

The Glass House


The Glass House stands out on Jalan Tamblingan, Sanur. With its white plantation shutters, high glass walls and ceilings, and carousel animals in the garden,…See more

La Playa Cafe


Located at Sanur Bali. La Playa Cafe features Balinese, Indonesian and Western cuisine and an inviting atmosphere.See more

Massimo Italian Restaurant


Massimo draws his inspiration from the culinary tradition of his hometown in Southern Italy. He serves the mainstays of traditional Italian food, which not only…See more

Three Table Spoons


Nice atmosphere and friendly stuff. A simple and different menuSee more

Cafe Smorgas


Café Smörgås was established in Sanur 2006 as a small coffee shop by a Swedish family who moved to Bali with their two young daughters…See more

Chez Nina


Pasta, fresh grilled fish, Indonesian food and best sandwiches in town.See more

Mango Street Restaurant


restaurant quality at warung prices! Great atmosphere and close to everything

See more

Win the ultimate bali escape
$100,000 worth of prizes