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Best Ubud Eats that won't cost you an arm and a leg1k

The latest and greatest in affordable dining in Ubud!

Melting Wok Warung


Melting Wok Warung is a really interestingly designed place on Jalan Gootama in central Ubud in Bali just behind the market that serves, oddly enough,…See more

Naughty Nuri's - Ubud


If youve ever looked up must-visit restaurants in Bali, or in Ubud in particular, youve probably stumbled upon some sort of saintly scripture proclaiming the…See more

Golden Monkey


Golden Monkey is situated in central Ubud and serves comfort Chinese food including BBQ and dim sum.See more

Folk Pool & Gardens


Inspired by the storied culture of Gianyar province, Folk is a rumah makan celebrating the beautiful imperfections of 'masyarakat' life through art and design. It cleverly…See more

Biah Biah

  • Ubud

A tidy little warung with some nice dining along walker-friendly Jl Goutama. A varied menu of Indo classics that are artfully served atop banana leaves.…See more

Watercress Ubud


Sister cafe to Watercress Batu Belig, home to the same amazing & healthy food & drink, fantastic espresso & cakes, ever friendly service & all…See more

Terracotta Restaurant


With a breathtaking view over the ricefields of Ubud, Terracotta Restaurant invites you to spend a zen time for a lunch or a dinner. Begin…See more

Sweet Orange Warung


Take a trip back into time and view Bali as it was 30 years ago! Located just outside the Ubud's main central area is the…See more

Mudra Cafe

Ayurvedic Asian Island Dining, 12 people @ a time. Beautiful breakfasts, Sublime lunches & Indulgent dinners. 'Awakened' coffee + Makarawear surf boutique.See more

Sambal Matah Restaurant


We are an Asian fusion restaurant offering international cuisine made from fresh local ingredients. We are located on the famous Goutama street in Ubud.


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Win the ultimate bali escape
$100,000 worth of prizes