The gorgeous Hotel Tugu - Canggu's first hotel.

On the Southwest coast of Bali, on a long stretch of sand facing the Indian Ocean, Canggu’s first hotel, Hotel Tugu was built. Tugu houses the owner’s personal collection of Indonesian antiques that tell the story of an ancient kingdom and romantic past. A one of a kind destination, The Tugu takes great pride in providing a rich cultural experience for all of its patrons. Tugu is not only renowned for its prime, beachfront location and its beautifully curated antique collection set upon its premises, but also hosts a spectacular and intimate Cultural Evening of Balinese dance. Tugu also offers an Aphrodisiac Sunset Picnic set upon the beach and is also responsible for Batu Bolong’s new buzzy hot spot for original Asian inspired cocktails, Ji at Bale Sutra Japanese Fusion, Fine Wines and Sake Bar and a world class, award winning Spa, The Waroeng Djamoe Spa.

The Tugu group has 4 hotels and 6 restaurants built by Anhar Setjadibrata, possibly Indonesia’s largest collector of Fine Indonesian art. A lawyer turned antique collector, Mr Setjadibrata is the owner of a large and priceless collection of fine Indonesian art and antiques. His fascination with artefacts from Indonesia’s history began when he was young and as he procured more and more priceless items, he realised the first Tugu Hotel Malang as a way of sharing his collection and passion with others. Hotel Tugu Malang houses one of the largest collections of Javanese, Chinese and Dutch colonial antiques in Indonesia and is ranked among the 101 Best Hotels in the world.

Hotel Tugu Bali’s architecture and interior reflect the art, culture and history of Indonesia and Bali in particular. The Bale Agung Grand Ceremonial House, also the hotel’s lobby is presided over by a 4.5 meter statue of Garuda carved from a 120 year old tree trunk which lends itself as the stage for the cultural performances. The performance is designed to revive and preserve the almost forgotten stories from the past using traditional dance, music and costumes every Thursday. Much more intimate than similar cultural performances that can be found in other tourist areas, the performance can be enjoyed over a traditional and lavish Tugu style banquet by both in-house and outside guests. For those looking for something more romantic, the Aphrodisiac Picnic comes to life as the sunsets over the Indian Ocean and the romance comes to life. Lying in an 18th century antique bed illuminated by oil lanterns and the twilight sky, you will be tucked in for a private gourmet picnic which ends with two blindfolds and a dessert tasting plate.

The suites of the Tugu are housed in individual thatched roof traditional style buildings tucked into lush tropical gardens and natural lotus pond. All suits are stones throw from the beach. All ground floor suites have a private pool, with the upstairs suits a view of the ocean and a luxurious sunken bathtub. The Waroeng Djamoe Spa and its menu of exotic, original and exotic treatments are also not to be missed. Treatments range from herbal baths, al fresco treatments to the sound of waves and massages incorporating aspects of Balinese Dance and Hindu mantras. The Waroeng Djamoe Spa acquaints you with the deeply spiritual side of Indonesian history and all treatments are sure to transport you to an other-worldly state.

The Tugu has very recently expanded into dining with the opening of Ji at Bale Sutra, Japanese Fusion, Fine Wines and Sake Bar. The interiors are a fusion of Japanese and Peranakan Chinese, with the building composed of a 310 year old Chinese temple rescued from ruin in Java. The red room creates an electric, exotic atmosphere for dining. In both languages, the word ‘Ji’ translates to temple and the restaurant pays its respects to the history and cuisine of each culture. Their dishes all fit for a monarch’s menu include delectable Maki Rolls; the Crab and Fennel Tsukiji Salad; the most melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly with ginger & scallion; and the the Smokey Salmon Zaru Soba with home-smoked salmon belly and citrus broth. The Japanese Kabuki theatre inspired bar area serves appropriately oriental and theatrical cocktails, finest Japanese sake and world class wines. JI’s signature cocktail Gin and Tea- a delectable blend of Dragon Tea-Infused Tanqueray, Aperol, Grapefruit and Lemon, is best enjoyed along with some of the finest sushi on the island as the sun begins to set somewhere far beyond the horizon.

Owner Mr Setjadibrata was a friend of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprés who made Bali his home in the 1930’s and shared a passionate love affair with his muse and lover Ni Polok. Many of the artworks that were a product of this passionate romance are iconic to Bali’s history over the past 100 years and have been inherited by Mr Setjadibrata. Much of the romance of The Tugu can be attributed to the true stories of Indonesia’s past that have been brought to life by priceless antiques, carefully curated over decades. If you are looking to scratch beneath the surface on your next stay in Bali, choose The Tugu Hotel.

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