La Finca - Delicious Spanish Cuisine

Welcome to Spanish fusion heaven, La Finca where they have nailed food, drinks and atmosphere. A cocktail cart stoked full of exotic gins, a flurry of romantic fairy lights, plants cascading from the ceiling, eye catching flatware that makes the food that much more delicious and a huge variety of tapas dishes made only from the freshest organic ingredients. From the quality of food to the super attentive and intuitive staff, The La Finca crew obviously know a thing or two about hospitality. The authentic, rustic Ibizan, Spanish and Mediterranean food is made  alimenta el alma or with soul, to feed the soul…

All great meals are preceded by an Apertiff and La Finca have nailed it with their custom cocktail cart that will make a gin lover’s jaw drop to the floor. Try a cocktail mixed with The London no.1 or Bulldog gin. Both so tasty, you could drink them straight. The gins are spiced with a touch of herb and fruit flavours making for a perfectly curated original cocktail served over a large ball of ice. For Sangria lovers, La Finca do red and white sangria pitchers in two sizes. Our favourite is the Sangria made with sparkling wine. We’ll take the large pitcher every time, obviously. 

From drinks to the bread basket, the La Finca experience will exude attention to detail. The extensive tapas menu features a huge variety of ingredients and cooking styles and everyone is bound to be faced with the challenge of not over-ordering. Those in big groups will have the advantage of trying more. We loved the buffalo mozzarella and green pea ham salad with Iberian ham vinaigrette, zucchini-feta-mint-fritters, wood fire grilled octopus and the beef carpaccio and the juicy and hearty snapper fish. We’ll definitely be back before too long to sample what we couldn’t fit in this sitting. We recommend the full tapas meal with all the bells and whistles every time but for those on the go La Finca serves burgers- for a deliciously European twist, try the beef and chorizo patty burger.

After being spoilt with a fabulous meal of course we were excited for dessert. We were more than full, but as everyone knows dessert goes to a different place. La Finca’s take on this Hispanic classic Churros con Chocolate Fundido (that's churros with molten chocolate as if it didn’t sound delicious enough already)  was rich but also light in all the right ways.

La Finca ticks all of our boxes. It’s the perfect spot for romancing or to enjoy with a group of friends, or maybe we just want any excuse to go there. Just make sure you bring someone because La Finca is too good to keep to yourself. It’s more than just the food that will have us going back. From the ambiance to the authentic vibe, La Finca should definitely be your go-to for a fabulous night out in Bali.