INTRODUCING Sunday's Beach Club!



Previously managed under the Semara brand for five years, the resort’s current in-house management team remains unchanged, and will focus on not only continuing the resort’s legacy of excellence, but also enhancing the award-winning destination.  

With some exciting new upgrades to the already popular Beach Club, the renamed 'Sunday's Beach Club' will bring a new Sunset Deck, food and quality service, while The Ungasan Clifftop Resort is rolling out an attractive new rate restructure for all seven of its private villas. 

To better reflect the resort’s distinctive qualities and rich cultural heritage, the resort’s new name honours surrounding Ungasan Village, which is home to most of our staff and their families.

Inspired by everyone’s beloved ‘day of rest’, your favourite beach also has a new name. Sundays Beach Club makes every day feel like Sunday. Staff will wear smart new uniforms, inspired by surrounding hues of sapphire, turquoise and sand, complementing the club’s relaxed, yet upmarket ambiance. In-house and visiting day guests are invited to ride The Ungasan’s gentle cliffside inclinator down to the beach, where a picturesque coastline, framed by limestone cliffs and the Indian Ocean, never fails to make a memorable impression. 

The beach club’s focus is to not only provide guests with the island’s best selection of water-based activities, including snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming in the lagoon, but also to continue the fun on through the evening with cosy bonfires and marshmallows at dusk, live music and scrumptious dinners beside the sea. 

Loyal guests will be happy to reconnect with all of their smiling old friends, as the on-site management team remains unchanged. First time guests have the opportunity to meet many of the island’s friendliest and most knowledgeable team members, always ready to assist in creating an unforgettable holiday experience.

To enquire about The Ungasan Clifftop Resort’s newly revised villa rates, or to reserve your spot at Sundays Beach Club, please feel free to contact

To celebrate the rebranding, we're offering you an extra 10% discount off your final bill at Sundays Beach Club by mentioning Bali Bible upon paying their bill for the month of June!Get on down and checkout this stunning beach club!