Introducing IN2U Health and Wellness

We’ve just discovered IN2U men’s and women’s retreats, a breath of fresh air in the wonderful world of wellness retreats in Bali. IN2U is all about helping you achieve your healthy lifestyle dreams through healthy nutrition, self love, movement, finding your true passion, purpose and taking responsibility through reconnecting. Unlike many Bali retreats, they run retreats for both men and women which is perfect for couples, friends and family travelling together. Having held retreats in some of the most beautiful locations around the world, IN2U has now landed in Bali, the hub of wellness in Asia. Bali is a key location for IN2U as the island of gods has something special that reconnects people with their spirit and nature. Coming to Bali and experiencing the Balinese way of life and also the impact that western culture is having on the island helps their guests to reflect on the emphasis we place on such materialistic things over our own health and wellness in the Western world. 

Bec launched IN2U Health and Wellness to focus on bringing real, holistic and healthy lifestyle changes to busy men and women. After working a high-end corporate career in sales and marketing for over 10 years and facing her own health issues stemming from a high-stress environment, she knew her real passion wasn't high end corporate life. She discovered her passion for promoting health, wellness and travel. She took the leap and changed her life and is now a qualified Health, Lifestyle, Integrative Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher and hasn’t looked back. IN2U health and wellness retreats were born as a result of her combining all of her passions. Bec knows first hand the stress and unhealthy lifestyle factors that come with working full time and juggling your career, friends, family and social life. Her coaching and retreats give you realistic, actionable steps to wellbeing. Her passions shine through every small detail she puts in to the pre-retreat and post retreat care that no other retreats offer. 

All meals throughout the retreat are prepared by expert on-site chefs in the resort and every dietary requirement is taken into account. Whether you’re suffering from allergies, intolerances, illness or just following a certain nutritional plan IN2U can ensure that your meal requirements are covered. Often their guests have very specific dietary requirements. They are met with recipes developed by their in-house health coach, naturopath and chef.  Morning and afternoon snacks are provided as well as juices, fresh coconuts, water, tea and coffee. The IN2U retreats are refined sugar-free so you won't find any of this onsite but you will be in heaven when you taste the delicious raw desserts prepared by their amazing raw chef. Apparently this is one of the reasons so many of their guests return! IN2U also affiliate with health and wellness brands and offer their guests free gifts and offers. They are all about educating their guests to live a healthier lifestyle once they return home and offer them free product, services and essentials to kick-start their transformation.

All IN2U retreats are held at luxury resorts throughout Bali.  You’ll have the chance to enjoy tropical gardens, the pool and communal areas where you can relax, socialize or read a book. Each room has it's own private ensuite and rooms can be either dual occupancy with two double beds or have one large queen size bed. Some of their rooms even offer a private garden with plunge pool. Training either takes place within the beautiful resort grounds or they take it to the beach to experience the beautiful sunset whilst getting sweaty. Their amazing yoga instructors will lead you on a transformational week held in the private yoga studio within the resort. All resorts have a daily maid and turn down service for all guests, including fresh linen and towels as required. We love that you can combine a relaxing Bali holiday and a retreat experience!

As emphasized by IN2U’s philosophy, not everyone is the same and requires different environments to thrive and unlike a lot of retreats in Bali, IN2U caters to both men and women. That’s why Bec has created a number of different programs that you can get involved in. The 7 day Bali Adventure Health retreat is perfect for you if you enjoy the Bali sun, surf, fitness training, yoga, meditation and delicious nutritious foods. With a completely optional schedule that runs from 6am to 8pm you can pick and choose from a list of exciting activities to design your very own retreat on the beautiful island paradise of Bali. 

The Bali Women’s Renew and Nourish retreat is designed for busy women to take time out and step into paradise, unwind, nourish, renew, relax and reconnect. Designed as the ultimate indulgence to ensure you leave Bali feeling refreshed, revitalised and reconnected.  Spend your days nurturing your body, mind and soul. Disconnect from the stress and hustle at home and learn how to manage everyday stress and become a calmer, more relaxed, more positive version of you. This 7 day retreat is about energy in exercises and techniques to recharge and reset. With free daily massages and added extras such as sound healing workshops and raw dessert workshops you will leave having experienced new techniques to living a stress free, healthy lifestyle. 

Many people just require education on how to use the tools they already have to create a life and body they love and that’s what IN2U does by focusing on realistic wellness advice and improvements. People are so overloaded with health and wellness information, diets, gimmicks, quick fixes, detoxes and programs that they have truly lost connection with listening to what signals their bodies are sending them. The wellness coaches each have over 10 years experience in their field meaning they live and breathe health and wellness and have the expert tips, advice and mentoring that will bring each guest results by focusing on the individual with one on one coaching throughout the week so they can work with their own individual goals. All retreat guests are encouraged to join the private retreat facebook group where the retreat guests can share recipes, breakthroughs, changes and challenges over the months after they return home. Bec also does a follow up coaching, nutrition and lifestyle coaching call with each guest one month after their retreat to ensure ongoing support, encouragement and advice is offered. This program ensures that our guests leave feeling empowered to change their lives with a huge support network, extensive educational materials, videos and audios to assist in their personal journey.