How to set The Bali Bible as a 'See First' in your Facebook feed!

Using the new feature Facebook release this week you can make sure you'll never miss a post from The Bali Bible including all our up to date and important news. Facebook has always decided on your behalf what you should see and now they are giving you back a little power of your own newsfeed.

With so much happening in Bali, we don’t want you to miss out on any of our important updates, up and coming competitions (including a week long trip to Bali all expenses that we plan to release soon) and many other great updates, BUT by you not having The Bali Bible in your newsfeed you will miss these exciting updates!

Starting this week, Facebook is giving you better control over your feed with a new feature called 'See First’.

To ensure The Bali Bible is in this list, simply go to your ‘More Section’ of the Facebook app in the bottom right corner. Scroll to the bottom of the more menu, where you'll find 'News Feed Preferences'; tap on that and it. At the top of this menu is 'Priorities who to see first’. All you need to do is scroll through to See Th eBali Bible and you won’t miss any of our important updates!