GO-JEK:  Your One Stop App For All Of Your BALI Needs

Bali time goes fast and don’t we know it. Let’s face it, things can take a long time when you’re navigating traffic that appears with no rhyme or rhythm through out the day and drinks breaks need to be pretty frequent. Ever wish you could hire someone to run chores for you so that you can spend each and every moment lying by the pool, enjoying sunsets and sneaking Bintangs in between massages? Someone to send off into the chaotic, hot streets of Bali to pick up a bag of ice to make frozen margaritas with, or maybe you just want someone to go down the road to grab you one of the best burgers in town. If not, you’ve probably at least wished for a scooter taxi that knows exactly where you are when you order him, that you can contact by phone and who offers a pre-determined, fair fixed price.

GO-JEK is the solution. They provide transport, courier, shopping and food delivery all accessible to you via a few taps on your smartphone screen. A concept original to Indonesia, GO-JEK has recently become available in Bali. Born in Jakarta (where the traffic is said to be the worst in the world), the service is an absolute necessity in Bali now that it has arrived. ‘Ojeks’ or classic bike taxis have been around for a while. But some of you may already have noticed the influx of green helmet and jacket-ed drivers, cruising the streets on scooters, taking passengers, in restaurants buying take- aways for home delivery orders, in offices delivering documents, or in malls doing shopping. 

GO-JEK is a social enterprise that solves underemployment in the traditional ojek sector by partnering with a group of experienced and trustworthy ojeks to deliver convenience in the form of transportation, courier, and personal shopping services for customers in Bali. GO-JEK is revolutionising the logistics and transport industry by providing these drivers with mobile smartphones and mobile banking, to enable them to work anytime, anywhere. The drivers are equipped with Android devices which are used to locate the closest driver to minimize delivery time through a geo-location algorithm.

You can hire them to get you from place to place just using a smart phone app which communicates to the driver your exact location. You can preview the rate and pay cashless via GO-JEK credit (which can be topped up via the app) or pay the driver by cash. The rates are better than ojeks on the street and significantly better than a taxi. The fee from Kuta to Seminyak comes to a teeny tiny 10,000rp ($0.70USD). You can see the driver’s picture, contact your driver by phone and they carry a spare helmet for the passenger at all times.

For your couriering and personal shopping needs you can have your driver transport anything from A to B that fits on a motorcycle.  Drivers carry a float of 1 million Rupiah at all times which means you can send drivers to pick up anything from a case of Bintang to a DVD to some dry cleaning and a bag of ice to make frozen margaritas with. 

The GO-JEK food delivery service GO-FOOD also has a network of 2700 food outlets all around Bali so you’ll never get caught hungry again. When you have people coming over and you haven’t had time to put together a spread send your new green-helmeted friend to the supermarket. Or when you wake up with a nasty Bali hangover order a Switch sandwich straight to your villa, all without putting on clothes and leaving the comfort of AC. With GO-FOOD you can access take-away that will be paid for by the GO-JEK driver upon pick up, up to the value of 1 million rupiah and your food will be delivered within 60minutes. 

In addition to this and also available in Bali, GO-BOX is an on-demand service from GO-BOX for ordering pickup trucks and vans to move your large items. We can pick up your items anywhere in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or Bali and deliver them to up to 15 drop off points anywhere within Java and Bali. With transparent pricing, real-time tracking, and insurance for every shipment, GO-BOX is the most convenient solution for your bigger delivery needs.

Other services offered by GO-JEK include GO-MART which is an on-demand shopping delivery service that allows you to shop all your needs from various types of retail stores. Items can be selected through a user friendly GO-JEK mobile app. And don't forget that you will get your items delivered right to your doorstep within 60 minutes. GO-JEK is planning will soon be expanding into a number of other convenient services that you soon won’t be able to live without. GO-GLAM provides the best on-demand beauty service, enabling users to fulfill their various needs in beauty. GO-CLEAN provides the best on-demand professional daily cleaning service, and lastly GO-MASSAGE provides the best on-demand professional massage. All these services are currently only available in Jakarta but will be making their way to Bali soon. 

So who, what, how, when and where? There are currently over 11,000 GO-JEK drivers doing the rounds in Bali based everywhere from Denpasar, Canggu, Seminyak, Oberoi, Petitenget, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Uluwatu and Ubud. There are over 690 drivers based in the Ubud area alone with a recruitment office for drivers recently opened to keep up with demand. GO-JEK and GO-FOOD is the ultimate in transport all accessible anytime and anywhere with just a few taps on a smartphone screen.

And why? Because Bali time is precious and delegation is the key!

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