Exclusive Access to MY BALI BIBLE [beta site]

You might have come across this invitation through Facebook or instagram because you commented on a post we shared and said 'add it to the list' or 'here are some places we should go'. Well, you're in luck.

The reason we invited you, is we have just released 'My Bali Bible’ our new beta site that enables people to create an account and save their favourite venues in Bali to a list that they can share with friends and family quickly and easily.

Imagine planning your next trip and being able to pick and choose venues from lists we've shared and create your own? Well now you can.

You can now browse thousands and thousands of:

listed on our new website and quickly and easily add it to a list you want to create for your next trip.

Think about those times you have seen a great hotel for a great price in Seminyak, or an amazing breakfast you said you have to visit next time? Well you can search for any venue in Bali on here and if it doesn’t exist you can add them in yourself or let us know it's missing and we will add it!

Once you find your favourite venue/s, start creating a list by simply clicking ‘Add to favourites’ on any of the venues you see. 

One of the most amazing parts is you can even browse popular lists created by locals, expats, celebs and regulars, follow people who know Bali like the back of their hand and be updated when they recommend new venues.

These lists will be shown here: http://balibible.guide/public_favorites.

Businesses can create their own pages and lists too promoiting their own brand, but also places they like as a brand (like we did here for Garuda: http://balibible.guide/public_favorites/user/256).

Shortly we will be adding the ability for people who make lists, to have followers, and the ability for people to communicate through the site. this will will make My Bali Bible one of the largest dedicated platforms on Bali in the world.

There are still some tiny issues with the site, and the design will be tweaked slightly, but for now we hope you enjoy making lists of things to do in Ubud, or favourite restaurants in Seminyak, and then be able to share this with your community, friends and network.

We will also be getting thousands of businesses (villa owners, restaurants, cafes and shops etc.) to make their own lists over the coming weeks, then share them on our social media channels to our 1 million+ followers

Please feel free to share your feedback as this is only stage 1, and the site still has a lot of things to improve, but with 14,500+ listings already and 100+ being added a day, it's a pretty incredible resource for anyone travelling to Bali (if we don't say so ourselves).

Please let us know your thoughts and enjoy - you can sign up below!

Lani & Simon