AND that's a wrap - A Sunnyside Up 2016 Review.

They came in swarms, they danced to the music, they sang to the songs that flowed though the air by the artists who performed, over the two magical days for Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival  – presented by Potato Head and Ismaya Live at Potato Head Beach Club.
It seems only yesterday we were lucky enough to experience both jam-packed days of world class performances in a world class venue under perfect blue skies and starry nights. Dance party meets pool party – who wouldn’t love it!
Day one had a line-up of some incredible artists to get the crowd moving and very excited such as Blonde an English deep house duo from Bristol, French DJ Breakbot, Ta-Ku an Australian musician, Indonesia’s Kimokal and Dipha Barus and UK DJs Matty Wainright and Phat Phil Cooper. Headlining and to complete day one was extremely multitalented British native Mark Ronson and boy did he have the crowd coming alive and together, playing all his hits.
Day two’s line-up featured Australia’s Hermitude an electronic hip hop EDM duo, Sam Feldt, a dutch DJ and electronic producer, the beautiful George Maple an Australian singer/songwriter, and a collection of great DJs to complete the day with Stars and Rabbit, Stevie G, Adriano Giordano and Stuart McLellan. But to complete day two and what was one fun packed weekend of music was British DJ duo Disclosure with which words can’t describe the excitement they brought among the crowd who was busting at the seams to see these Brits do what they do best.
The final song was ‘You & Me’ - arguably Disclosure’s greatest hit to date….and what a way to finish…Experiencing the crowd all sing and dance together with passion, enthusiasm and energy was the exactly how a festival like this should close.
2016’s Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival sure brought the good vibes to the island and we cant wait to see what 2017’s event will deliver.

Written by Jesse Kirley & Charlotte Piper