All grown up: Mexicola turns 3

It’s very quickly approaching three years since the glory of opening night, and Motel Mexicola is continuing to out-do itself. Where some venues may be experiencing a lull or a lack of inspiration, these guys are relentless and have gone from strength to strength. Packed to the rafters every night of the week, even during the slower months of low season, it’s a sure bet that here you will find an atmosphere and vibe that are as bold as their flavours.
From the minute you step inside until you stumble out hours later, you’ll be witness to something spectacular – this expansive entertainment venue is just that: entertaining. Looking not only to serve exceptional food and beverage, its team has focused on the broader areas of art, music and fun, dishing up a lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else. 

The Team: Adrian, Steven, Nicolaza, Adam, Isabella

The Team: Adrian, Steven, Nicolaza, Adam, Isabella

Some shake ups have been made ahead of their 3rd birthday celebrations in March and we are not just talking about the Margaritas. In preparation for the launch of 2 new venues set to open later this year, the guys have brought in an executive team to fine tune the venue and get it ready for the group's rapid expansion. The powerhouse duo of Group General Manager Isabella Rowell and Group Executive Chef Steven Skelly may be new to the Mexicola family… but not to the industry.

Having worked alongside some of Sydney’s best operators including the Hugo’s Group, El Barrio Group, and the uber cool Drink & Dine, Isabella has cultivated a unique and diverse set of strengths. With a heavy focus on product knowledge and training and equipped with high energy and even higher standards the pairing with Skelly is a match made in hospitality heaven. 

Arriving with 23 years of experience under his belt and having worked alongside the likes of Greg Doyle, Grant King, Stephen Hodges and Tony Bilson, Stevens repertoire is nothing short of impressive. Sharing the owner's love for authentic Mexican street food and a desire to ‘’up the ante’’ when it comes to Bali’s dining experience Steve has re-mastered the menu delivering his signature twists on old household favourites

Fortunately, The Bali Bible were invited to try the new menu, and what a brilliant Friday night it was. We were greeted by co owner Adrian Reed with cocktails from the recently launched new drinks list. The signature Mexicola Margarita using 100 % blue agave tequila is hard to beat but for those of you wanting something a little more tropical don't despair as the Pina Colada arrives in front of us in a whole coconut doused in pineapple infused rum.  These guys take their drinks seriously. As we scan over the back bar at bundles of fresh fruit and homemade infusions we asked what inspired the new list? “We wanted to take advantage of the amazing produce in Bali and steer away from mixers and artificial flavours and syrups’’ using only fresh fruits in their drinks they have absolutely nailed it.

After quenching our thirst one of their team members talked us through the "FEED ME" menu. A 5 course culinary journey designed to share family style. Whether you eat meat, seafood or you are vegetarian these guys have you covered. With Skelly’s spin on traditional Mexican fare and his impressive fine dining background, from start to finish this experience is nothing short of exceptional.

By 9pm the venue is full and the atmosphere is electric. A conga line lead by owner Nicolaza Lupercio weaves its way through the crowd as Mexicola starts to finds its 6th gear. For the average diner this sensory assault is a memorable one but for this well oiled machine it is just a typical night at Mexicola.  It goes without saying these guys are the pioneers of a good night out. With tequila flowing, table dancing and DJ’s 7 nights a week this is a party you don't want to miss when visiting the island of gods.

Mexicola's continued success could be attributed to many things, but the stand out is the energy of the staff and the owners. If you ask any of them they will tell you with a smile that it's because ‘’we love what we do’. With no sign of these guys slowing down and a collaboration of partners behind some of your favourite Sydney haunts - The bucket list, Icebergs, Da Orazio and Harpoon Harrys this dynamic family is set to have their best year yet.

Check them out on your next trip to Bali.

Written by Charlotte Piper, Account Manager for The Bali Bible