30 signs you need a holiday!

Ever feel like everyone’s been on holiday except YOU? Now if you agree with more than 4 of the statements below, you officially need a holiday.

  1. You find yourself on Instagram browsing popular travel blog pages and thinking… “Should I unfollow them because they're making me depressed…
  2. You look in the mirror and you no longer have a glow, you're pastey with a grey complexion.
  3. You rehearse arguments with people in the shower before the day begins.
  4. You use the fact The Bachelor is on Wednesday night as motivation for getting out of bed – on Monday.
  5. When the smiley barista at your local coffee shop takes 5 seconds longer with your coffee because they're chatting to other customers, you want to punch them in the face.
  6. The last time you bought swimwear, tankinis were in.
  7. On Fridays you drink. and drink. and drink.
  8. You catch a whiff of that sun cream coconut smell and it makes you long for that Bali holidays.
  9. You look at your ‘to do list’ at work and YOU.JUST.CANT.DEAL.
  10. You're always just so DAMN tired.
  11. You're swearing more often and for absolutely NO REASON.
  12. You wish you could have a palm tree and a Christmas tree this December.
  13. Your guest bedroom looks like a hotel room.
  14. You have pressed the snooze button on your alarm more than three times this morning (Once — fine, we all do it. Twice — you're pushing the limit. THREE? Oh, you need a holiday)
  15. You've had  no motivation to exercise over the past few months
  16. You can’t remember what the feeling of warmth is
  17. You haven't posted pictures on social media in months because nothing exciting has happened in your life.
  18. You've considered a tropical theme for your next birthday party.
  19. Your co-workers have literally told you “You need a vacation”.
  20. Your sunglasses have become a decoration for your dresser and not a fashion item.
  21. You haven't gotten a pedicure in months because really what’s the point when you're wearing boots every damn day.
  22. The tiniest of things make you frustrated and angry.
  23. The last sunset you watched was from your couch on a Saturday night when it was part of a romantic comedy.
  24. The only salt you've had in your hair this year is when you accidentally fell asleep on a bag of chips
  25. You believe you need to re-enroll in swim school to learn how to swim again
  26. Your daily routine involves drinking a third cup of coffee at 4pm
  27. The only tan lines you have are from a spray tan
  28. The last time you had a drink at breakfast was when you were still drinking from the night before
  29. You feel like you have to keep getting highlights in order to prove you're not a vampire and you actually do see sunlight from time to time.
  30. You use your suitcases as extra storage in your room for all of your winter clothes