Bali has been revealed as the world’s favourite tourist destination!

Bali has been revealed as the world’s favourite tourist destination!

This Indonesian island has been a favourite with tourists for years... but why is Bali such an attractive holiday destination over other cities? 

Well, each week, more than 16,000 Australian tourists make the pilgrimage to the small island paradise of Bali. Immersed in sun, beauty and culture, it’s beyond a tropical holiday destination; it's a mood, an addiction, and an escape.  Bali inspires a sense of calm and belonging that only those who have been there can truly understand.

Some tourists go for cheap Bintangs and stunning scenery. For others, it’s all about the party scene, the fine dining, or the Indonesian culture. The weather, of course, plays its part, along with the Balinese people, who welcome tourists with open arms and smiles. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’ve travelled, Bali is like no other place on earth.

Are you planning a trip to Bali? YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

Are you planning a trip to Bali? YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

A platform designed to give all businesses in Bali an online presence for free, no matter how small or large. We also wanted to create a platform that enables anyone to share their intimate knowledge of Bali, so we asked thousands of expats, locals and regular's to share their insider knowledge on our platform, so you can quickly and easily become an expert to Bali.

With over 16,000+ businesses listed under various categories, My Bali Bible is the ultimate travel companion for you to browse and discover places you never knew existed.

The Best Family Friendly Hangouts in Canggu

The Best Family Friendly Hangouts in Canggu

Being in Bali with the family means a lot of eating, beach time and fun things in between.  It’s also about finding amazing places to enjoy that’s easy and relaxing for everyone in your tribe.  It’s important to know where to go that’s good for the bubbas to frolic while you’re out for a great brunch and dreaming of the perfect latte. Night plans? There are pleasant finds for dinner destinations too where little ones are welcome.

Here are a few family-friendly places to keep on radar next time your group gets hungry and the kids come along. The best part? They’re all in Canggu.

Tirtha Bridal opens its otherworldly Wedding Concept, The Glass House

Tirtha Bridal opens its otherworldly Wedding Concept, The Glass House

Tirtha Bridal has recently introduced its newest brainchild; a spectacular wedding garden resort located 10 minutes away from existing area of Tirtha Bridal called The Glass House.

The Glass House is a distinctive resort designed by the renowned designer, Alessandro Landi from Landi Design, and Fredo Taffin as the architect for the refurbishment process.  The resort does not only offer luxurious accommodation for wedding couples and their guests but also options of fascinating venues for wedding ceremonies, receptions and wonderful photo settings.

Bali wakes to a shake: Magnitude 6.4 event strikes resort island

Bali wakes to a shake: Magnitude 6.4 event strikes resort island

Bali has shaken again at roughly 10am AEST or 7AM local time when a reported 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Bali, shaking the resort island.

Locals and witnesses report feeling the shake lasting some 20 seconds. Centred off the coast of the Indonesian archipelago, early data is suggesting the epicentre was about 26km south of Denpasar - the quake has not triggering any tsunami alarms.

Making a cleaner, greener Bali.

Making a cleaner, greener Bali.

Tourism has been a part of Bali for at least 70 years, with it especially booming in the last 20 and it’s rapid growth is looking to continue. The environmental impact this has left on Bali has been equally explosive. The population of Bali is over 4 million and with over 4 million visitors per year the population is growing faster than the infrastructure can handle. Indonesia is also the world’s second largest producer of plastic, however, is only the fourth populous country in the world.

One Island One Voice - Bali's Beach Clean Up


If you're reading this it's probably likely you're either a regular traveler to Bali, or you might even be lucky enough to be an expat.

For those who don’t know Bali, it has its amazing beaches, surf breaks, resorts, villas and some of the best restaurants in the world, but it’s the essence of Bali – and the Balinese – that makes this destination so much more than just a holiday from reality.

For those who know Bali, they will have experienced that Bali is the one place where you can truly lose yourself; the culture, the atmosphere, and the warm-hearted people are some of the many reasons, you will become enthralled in what is, Bali.

Unfortunately though, as Indonesian tourism numbers have increased, there is now more debris and rubbish being discarded on the roads by street vendors, locals, and tourists than ever before. When it rain, and over the last few months it has definitely rained (A LOT) - the debris on the streets is washed into the drains and eventually ends up in our oceans.

Now debris and rubbish in the streets might not be something you notice much, but you need to remember that this rubbish is ending up in the ocean you swim at daily, or on the beach you walk along every morning...

Over the last few years, our team has always supported different causes in Bali, both large and small, and for a while now we've been trying to put together an initiative that could help make a difference to the beaches and waterways throughout Bali. We were told about this amazing day that is happening on February 19th, to help clean Bali's Beaches.

It's being run by some amazing people and businesses, including Melati and Isabel Wijsen - the founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags - a social initiative driven by children, driven by the youth to get the people of Bali to say no to plastic bags.

When we found out that this campaign was backed by the Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen who started Bye Bye Plastic Bags we had to share it with our audience!

These girls were inspired by a lesson in class that talked about significant people who made a difference - house hold names like Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana, Mahatma Ghandi. They went home that day and thought “What can we do as children living in Bali, what can we do NOW.” Bye Bye Plastic Bags was born in 2013 and now has a volunteer team of 25-30 students from all schools around Bali, local and international. And has become a well known international movement of inspiration, youth empowerment, and of course, saying no to plastic bags.  To find out more about them, check out their TED talk, it's inspirational.

The event will be a single day, where we can all show our love for Bali by cleaning all of Bali's coastline in JUST ONE single day. February 19th, and we want all of our clients, supporters and fans to join this movement - 'ONE ISLAND ONE VOICE / SATU PULAU SATU SUARA'.



As a collective movement of 15 organizations, they have chosen 20 locations around the islands coastline. Every location has a coordinator and volunteers to do a clean up on February 19. Different locations can have different starting times. But all on February 19.

Check the map below, for details and info of which coordinator to contact for the beach clean up, close to you. If you cannot make it to the beach, you can clean up your village, street & rivers.



  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • A reusable bottle with water
  • Gloves or a stick to pick up trash
  • Your own rice bag to collect garbage
  • Look for Penjor / Flag to recognize the start location
  • A smile & good vibes


  • Eco Bali Recycle Station
  • Re > Pal
  • Waste Bank
  • Pick Up by DKP


Organized by:

The stunning INTERCONTINENTAL BALI RESORT launches 'Rooms with a Soul'.

There is nothing quite like holidaying in Bali, and when it comes to experiencing 5 star resorts that can offer luxury but also maintain tradition, you know you are onto something special.

InterContinental Bali Resort are renowned for showcasing the best of Bali, with the essential components of Balinese Hindu philosophies,  imagery and symbolism prevalent throughout its design.

The Resort follows the principals of ‘Tri Hita Karana’, which is the balance and harmony between the three sources of life – humans, nature and God, while the architecture also honours the sacred axis between the holy mountain and the sea. The team at InterContinental Bali Resort now continue this tradition with a comprehensive guestroom redesign programme, which sets new standards for luxury accommodation in Bali and introduces world-class room technology. The first re-designed rooms are available to reserve now for stays from March onwards.

From the moment you arrive at InterContinental Bali Resort, you will be immersed in the island’s culture.

Enter the impressive lobby building, look up, and soaring overhead you will see a magnificent vaulted ceiling showcasing exceptional fan-rafter and open-truss craftsmanship, girded by sky blue and gold frescoes depicting Baruna, the guardian of the cosmic order, Goddess of the sea, and source of the rain and the rivers. The spacious interiors of the resort – from the public areas to the private guestrooms, villas and suites – are a gallery of natural textures, paintings and handcrafted features, all of which are the essence of Bali's style. 

Not only does InterContinental Bali Resort capture the spirit of Bali through its architecture, artwork, landscaping and interior design, but also through its famous Balinese hospitality and guest activities. The resort is proud to provide a platform from which guests can explore the local culture through a wide choice of activities and experiences ranging from Balinese cooking classes, gamelan music lessons, Balinese dance lessons, and Balinese art and craft making, to turtle release, temple visits, market and village tours, Balinese massage, traditional spa therapies, and the opportunity to enjoy Balinese dance performances and the delicious local cuisine.

The beachfront resort welcomes families with open arms with its extensive landscaped gardens offering a vast choice of leisure and recreational facilities, including six pools, tennis courts, a spa, and a 24-hour fitness centre. Additionally, the beautiful beach environment is a natural playground for adults and children alike, lending itself to numerous recreational pursuits from beach volley ball to adverse array of water sports.

The 35-metre Main Pool is especially family-orientated with a shallow water area for children; it is conveniently flanked by Jimbaran Gardens restaurant and Pool Bar, which makes for casual family-style poolside drinks and dining.  Additionally the two Fun Pools are ideal for children with two water fountains providing – as the name suggests – lots of fun, while the Fountain Pool is especially suitable for adults and teenagers, and quality family time.

Planet Trekkers kids’ club is structured as a mini-resort for kids aged from four to twelve years and designed to ensure that youngsters have as much fun when they are on holiday as their parents do. The club facilitates a dedicated, fully supervised and secure child-care center within a dynamic, fun and nurturing environment. Here, children can interact with other like-minded junior travelers and participate in a programme of child-orientated activities, with cultural and eco-leanings to keep them entertained for hours on end.


Set in its own private wing and secluded enclave within exquisite gardens, Club InterContinental is the resort’s premier accommodation category that truly defines luxury, an exclusive haven offering discerning modern travelers a ‘resort within a resort’ that further enriches the InterContinental Bali Resort experience. Stay at Club InterContinental Bali and relish an exceptional array of privileges and entitlements. These include exclusive access to the private Club Pool, and a choice of four different breakfast venues. An additional benefit of Club InterContinental is access to the dedicated lounge known as ‘Inspiration Space’ aimed at encouraging you to explore your passions through recreational pastimes that are a direct reflection of Bali, its artistic legacy, and cultural traditions. Furthermore, as a Club guest, you can enjoy unlimited visits to Club InterContinental Lounge, which is an elegantly appointed and refined sanctuary of social interaction and light fine-dining refreshments, operating 24 hours.

The endless pristine beach at InterContinental Bali is perfect for early morning walks, family time on the sand and indulging in the daily ritual of watching the beautiful Jimbaran Sunset. The resort also provides a variety of water sports, and with its relatively calm waters, our beach offers a safe place for swimming with children and learning new water sports activities. There is also a dedicated water sports center, a launch pad for fun water-based activities in the gentle waters of Jimbaran Bay. This includes anything from surfing to trying your hand at fishing from traditional fishing craft.


There is something for all ages and preferences, promising a fun mix of art, culture, sports and leisure to make the most of all aspects of the resort, fishing community and the island. Resort activities include village cycling tours, interactive Balinese cooking classes, sunrise yoga, or a chance to master the art of traditional Balinese dance, music and wood carving. There is also some equipment that you can rent, such as bicycles and body boards, and on-site leisure facilities like the 24-hour fitness center, six pools and tennis courts.

Stay at InterContinental Resort Bali, embrace and absorb the Balinese charm, and offers all of the ingredients for a family-friendly holiday; this is where lifelong family memories are made and you will find that when you leave the island a little bit of that magic will follow you home.  

For more information, visit

The life of a Bali Dog and tips on how you can make a difference.

The roaming street dogs of Bali are as much a part of the Bali landscape as the incense offerings outside every shop or the old vodka bottles used for petrol.

Love em’ or hate em’, you’re not in town long before they’re on your radar - either because you want to save them all or you’re furiously avoiding them whilst branding each and every pup as rabid. That’s completely understandable considering most of them look like they can’t put down the crack pipe, all emaciated, skin in terrible condition with teeth that look like a burnt down fence.

‘Bali dog’ is the politically correct term for the stray dogs of Bali, and they often get a pretty bad wrap – That they are sexually promiscuous rabies carriers who take to the streets at night to brawl.

What you have to understand is that they didn’t choose the street life, the street life chose them. Born into poverty, dog owners often can’t afford sterilization, resulting in the rapidly growing Bali Dog population which means more and more dogs are taking to the streets, often getting caught up with the wrong pack.

Some are just a bit snappy (you would be too if your baby mamma just ran off with Snoop from across the road and left you to raise four puppies on your own). Territorial gang brawls are common as well as painful skin conditions such as mange and scabies which are caused by the climate and the spread of parasites from dog to dog.

Local governments organize culling of dogs on beaches and the streets using poisoning and shooting as a solution to the ever-growing Bali dog population - domesticated dogs are also often affected. Aside from culling, hundreds of dogs suffer horrible painful deaths each week to the dog meat trade, acts of cruelty, disease, motor vehicle accidents and basic neglect.

Some of these guys are so desperate to get off the streets that I’ve had them hop in the car to come home with me from the beach. I know they have some social problems but I’ve seen many of them rehabilitated into becoming functioning members of society.

My Bali dog Lucky who was rescued from the side of a busy road as a 1-month-old pup now has her meals hand cooked for her, has bi-weekly baths, struts the beach every day in a diamonte collar and refuses to sleep anywhere other than an air conditioned room. Within six weeks of having a safe place to sleep, decent food, lots of love and a few visits to the vet for some medicine, her once patchy fur which was covered in ticks and fleas has grown back shiny, healthy and thick. Her bony frame has become a meaty one and her street life is well in the past.

Not everyone can take a dog in but there are ways that you can help more dogs avoid neglect, disease, and painful deaths. The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) facilitates an ambulance service, adoption programs, rabies programs, street feeding and humane population control. The Bali Bible supports BAWA and their humane management of Bali’s cat and dog populations to achieve levels at which all dogs and cats can be adequately fed and cared for, free from suffering. BAWA with donations is able to support and sterilize 60-70% of dogs in the Ubud area. The Bali Pet Crusaders are also doing a fantastic job of visiting villages in Bali with a mobile sterilization van, and get around to sterilizing hundreds of dogs each week.

Both are 'not-for-profit' and run by volunteers that are desperate to stop the suffering. If you’ve been touched by Bali Dogs, you can help stop the suffering too by donating. To find out more, visit or or contact Rosie directly to chat more about how you can help make a difference! 

Written by Rosie, one of our amazing account managers and her pampered hound, Lucky - pictured on the right :)

Ideas to do in Bali on a Rainy Day...

Source: Icon photos

Source: Icon photos

So it looks like you’re going to have some rainy days on your hands during your Bali trip. Bali is a mecca for beaches, nature and outdoor living but here are some activities to save for a rainy day.
Cooking Class: Balinese and Indonesian cuisine cooking classes are a great way to enjoy a meal. Bumbu Bali based in Nusa Dua takes you on an early morning visit to local vegetable and fish markets and the host Heinz reveals the answer to the chicken or egg question during the class. Transfers from some locations are included. Further North in Ubud there are plenty of cooking classes to choose from with many of the restaurants on the main streets advertising classes.

Yoga: Yoga is the perfect wet weather activity, with many yoga centres offering open air but undercover yoga shalas. Some of our favourites are Yoga Barn in Ubud, Desa Seni in Canggu and Seminyak Yoga. All studios offer beginner classes, so why not make a week of it.

Spas: Spa treatments at most spas are often more than half the price of what you might pay back at home. Even if you’re not usually a spa person, this is the perfect time to indulge in some guilt free pampering. We love Prana Spa in Seminyak, Cleopatra Spa on Batu Belig, Cozy Spa (multiple locations) and Taksu in Ubud. From body scrubs, hot stone, Balinese and slimming massages- you could easily busy yourself for an entire week.

Scuba: The weather can’t rain on your parade if you’re under the sea. Embrace your inner mermaid/merman and go where it’s wetter. Get in touch with La Manta Diving in Nusa Dua or Aqua Marine Diving in Seminyak. They are both Western run and will happily arrange everything from transport to equipment to first time dives. You will pay much less than at home, the water is warm and there is so much more to Bali than you ever knew.
Cinema: Beach Walk shopping center has a large movie theatre called Cinema XXI ( showing the latest blockbusters (in English!). The also have a ‘Studio Premier’ theatre where you can watch films in luxury with seat service including food and drinks, blankets and seriously comfortable reclining chairs. All this for around $7USD per person, with the standard theatre costing around $4USD. At such great prices, it’s the perfect activity for the whole family. They even serve Choc Tops!

High Tea: A tower of beautifully presented finger food and cakes and pastries accompanies by tea or even a glass of bubbles. Has anyone ever finished the whole spread? High Teas can be great value for the amount of food you get. Our favourites include; the Métis Le Jardin High Tea, Caramel Patisserie in Ubud and at Biku there is also an option for a kids high tea.

Shopping Centers: For many, shopping is a huge draw card of a trip to Bali. Bali now has several shopping centers, Beach Walk and Discovery in Kuta with some great European chain stores, DFS Galleria offers luxury brands and duty free shopping, The Village Seminyak has many local designer boutiques for the best in resort wear. Equipped with shelter and air conditioning, it’s win/win.

Nail Salons: Not just for the ladies, many a male can be found in nail salons across Bali. We love Amo Spa in Seminyak and Think Pink Batu Belig. Lady Marmalade Nails in Seminyak also do High Tea packages including Biku High Tea and is perfect treat for kids.
Get photographed in traditional Balinese attire: For around $35USD you can be photographed in traditional Balinese costume, including make up. Most companies offer free pick up and drop off. It’s another fantastic way to embrace the local culture and have a laugh when you see yourself transformed into Balinese royalty.
Waterparks: In Bali there is currently Waterbom in Kuta and Splash at Canggu Club. Waterbom has just opened a number of new rides. You’ll be getting wet anyway so you might as well be plunging feet first into a pool from 16m at 70km an hour!
Sunday Brunch: Many of Bali’s top hotels now offer Sunday Brunches, where you can induldge in buffets of everything from fresh seafood, cuts of tender meat, antipastos and Willy Wonka worthy desserts. Don’t be fooled by the name, Brunches are a often a full day affair with most places offering free flow drinks packages including wine, champagne, beer and cocktails and use of their pool afterwards. Nikki Beach in Nusa Dua hosts a party following their Brunch every Sunday.

Canggu Club- Canggu Club is a great option for families, with Splash Waterpark, Bounce Trampolining and a Bowling Alley.
Café hoping- There are so many brilliant Western run cafes in Bali. Some serving great coffee, health foods or the latest craze, smoothie bowls. One can easily spend a day hopping from one café to another, with a book or a laptop to wait the rain out.
Fine Dinning- The ever increasing number of trendy fine dinging restaurants means you will be swamped for choice. Between Mamma San, Saigon St, Barbacoa, Merah Putih and many more you will fool like a true ‘foodie’. We’re excited for the Grand opening of the newest establishment on the must try list, Shanghai Baby. Grab your ‘bests’ out of your suitcase and order the iron from room service because these aren't flip flop and shorts type establishments.
Kecak Cultural Performances- If you want to feed on some culture, the traditional Kecak performances in Ubud, whilst touristy are still a wonderful snapshot of Balinese song and dance. Hotel Tugu in Canggu also does a more intimate performance every Thursday.
Shop for handicrafts- Ubud has a large handicraft market as well as many Art Galleries. The best way to visit these is to grab an experienced driver like our very own Agus ( Take an umbrella or poncho so you can stay dry when skipping from one shop’s awning to another.

Grab a cocktail- Potato Head or Sports Bar, watch the rain pass and be glad that you’re not one of the people that got caught out on a scooter!
Looking for something a bit more out of the box? Head to a Luwak Coffee plantation and try the famous ‘Luwak poo’ coffee. In Kerobokan there is ‘Escape Hunt’ real life escape game, Totem Challenge in Kuta, Trick Art gallery and a Timezone at Bali mall Galleria. Karaoke is also a brilliant group activity to get you all giggling.

Tragically the Yellow Bridge has collapsed killing at least eight people

Tragically overnight, the iconic yellow suspension bridge connecting Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan collapsed, killing nine people and injuring at least 30, officials say.

The narrow Jembatan Kuning (yellow bridge) was the only connection between Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan and was wide enough for motorcycles and pedestrians. Police officer Arendra Wahyudi said there were too many people passing over the bridge for a religious ceremony when it collapsed at 6.00pm local time Sunday.

Having travelled over this bridge many times, our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends of the victims and those injured.


The gorgeous Hotel Tugu - Canggu's first hotel.

On the Southwest coast of Bali, on a long stretch of sand facing the Indian Ocean, Canggu’s first hotel, Hotel Tugu was built. Tugu houses the owner’s personal collection of Indonesian antiques that tell the story of an ancient kingdom and romantic past. A one of a kind destination, The Tugu takes great pride in providing a rich cultural experience for all of its patrons. Tugu is not only renowned for its prime, beachfront location and its beautifully curated antique collection set upon its premises, but also hosts a spectacular and intimate Cultural Evening of Balinese dance. Tugu also offers an Aphrodisiac Sunset Picnic set upon the beach and is also responsible for Batu Bolong’s new buzzy hot spot for original Asian inspired cocktails, Ji at Bale Sutra Japanese Fusion, Fine Wines and Sake Bar and a world class, award winning Spa, The Waroeng Djamoe Spa.

The Tugu group has 4 hotels and 6 restaurants built by Anhar Setjadibrata, possibly Indonesia’s largest collector of Fine Indonesian art. A lawyer turned antique collector, Mr Setjadibrata is the owner of a large and priceless collection of fine Indonesian art and antiques. His fascination with artefacts from Indonesia’s history began when he was young and as he procured more and more priceless items, he realised the first Tugu Hotel Malang as a way of sharing his collection and passion with others. Hotel Tugu Malang houses one of the largest collections of Javanese, Chinese and Dutch colonial antiques in Indonesia and is ranked among the 101 Best Hotels in the world.

Hotel Tugu Bali’s architecture and interior reflect the art, culture and history of Indonesia and Bali in particular. The Bale Agung Grand Ceremonial House, also the hotel’s lobby is presided over by a 4.5 meter statue of Garuda carved from a 120 year old tree trunk which lends itself as the stage for the cultural performances. The performance is designed to revive and preserve the almost forgotten stories from the past using traditional dance, music and costumes every Thursday. Much more intimate than similar cultural performances that can be found in other tourist areas, the performance can be enjoyed over a traditional and lavish Tugu style banquet by both in-house and outside guests. For those looking for something more romantic, the Aphrodisiac Picnic comes to life as the sunsets over the Indian Ocean and the romance comes to life. Lying in an 18th century antique bed illuminated by oil lanterns and the twilight sky, you will be tucked in for a private gourmet picnic which ends with two blindfolds and a dessert tasting plate.

The suites of the Tugu are housed in individual thatched roof traditional style buildings tucked into lush tropical gardens and natural lotus pond. All suits are stones throw from the beach. All ground floor suites have a private pool, with the upstairs suits a view of the ocean and a luxurious sunken bathtub. The Waroeng Djamoe Spa and its menu of exotic, original and exotic treatments are also not to be missed. Treatments range from herbal baths, al fresco treatments to the sound of waves and massages incorporating aspects of Balinese Dance and Hindu mantras. The Waroeng Djamoe Spa acquaints you with the deeply spiritual side of Indonesian history and all treatments are sure to transport you to an other-worldly state.

The Tugu has very recently expanded into dining with the opening of Ji at Bale Sutra, Japanese Fusion, Fine Wines and Sake Bar. The interiors are a fusion of Japanese and Peranakan Chinese, with the building composed of a 310 year old Chinese temple rescued from ruin in Java. The red room creates an electric, exotic atmosphere for dining. In both languages, the word ‘Ji’ translates to temple and the restaurant pays its respects to the history and cuisine of each culture. Their dishes all fit for a monarch’s menu include delectable Maki Rolls; the Crab and Fennel Tsukiji Salad; the most melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly with ginger & scallion; and the the Smokey Salmon Zaru Soba with home-smoked salmon belly and citrus broth. The Japanese Kabuki theatre inspired bar area serves appropriately oriental and theatrical cocktails, finest Japanese sake and world class wines. JI’s signature cocktail Gin and Tea- a delectable blend of Dragon Tea-Infused Tanqueray, Aperol, Grapefruit and Lemon, is best enjoyed along with some of the finest sushi on the island as the sun begins to set somewhere far beyond the horizon.

Owner Mr Setjadibrata was a friend of Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merprés who made Bali his home in the 1930’s and shared a passionate love affair with his muse and lover Ni Polok. Many of the artworks that were a product of this passionate romance are iconic to Bali’s history over the past 100 years and have been inherited by Mr Setjadibrata. Much of the romance of The Tugu can be attributed to the true stories of Indonesia’s past that have been brought to life by priceless antiques, carefully curated over decades. If you are looking to scratch beneath the surface on your next stay in Bali, choose The Tugu Hotel.

See more at or check them out on facebook at:

Ji Restaurant:



AND that's a wrap - A Sunnyside Up 2016 Review.

They came in swarms, they danced to the music, they sang to the songs that flowed though the air by the artists who performed, over the two magical days for Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival  – presented by Potato Head and Ismaya Live at Potato Head Beach Club.
It seems only yesterday we were lucky enough to experience both jam-packed days of world class performances in a world class venue under perfect blue skies and starry nights. Dance party meets pool party – who wouldn’t love it!
Day one had a line-up of some incredible artists to get the crowd moving and very excited such as Blonde an English deep house duo from Bristol, French DJ Breakbot, Ta-Ku an Australian musician, Indonesia’s Kimokal and Dipha Barus and UK DJs Matty Wainright and Phat Phil Cooper. Headlining and to complete day one was extremely multitalented British native Mark Ronson and boy did he have the crowd coming alive and together, playing all his hits.
Day two’s line-up featured Australia’s Hermitude an electronic hip hop EDM duo, Sam Feldt, a dutch DJ and electronic producer, the beautiful George Maple an Australian singer/songwriter, and a collection of great DJs to complete the day with Stars and Rabbit, Stevie G, Adriano Giordano and Stuart McLellan. But to complete day two and what was one fun packed weekend of music was British DJ duo Disclosure with which words can’t describe the excitement they brought among the crowd who was busting at the seams to see these Brits do what they do best.
The final song was ‘You & Me’ - arguably Disclosure’s greatest hit to date….and what a way to finish…Experiencing the crowd all sing and dance together with passion, enthusiasm and energy was the exactly how a festival like this should close.
2016’s Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival sure brought the good vibes to the island and we cant wait to see what 2017’s event will deliver.

Written by Jesse Kirley & Charlotte Piper

Double-Six Luxury Hotel offers a one stop vacation with stylish beachside living...

Double-Six Luxury Hotel offers a one stop vacation with stylish beachside living...

How do you define living it all? At Double-Six Luxury Hotel, Seminyak, a new chapter in stylish beachside living comes to life right in front of your very eyes. Enjoy your vacation in style in a Double-Six suite, your home away from home. Take in the sunset, ask the butler to pop open a bottle of champagne, chat with our chef or do nothing at all. The choice is yours.

Looking for quality cuisine in the Seminyak Region? Look no further than Barbacoa Bali!

Looking for quality cuisine in the Seminyak Region? Look no further than Barbacoa Bali!

Looking for quality cuisine in the Seminyak Region? Look no further than Barbacoa Bali who have established itself as one of the finest eateries in Bali over the last 12 months, attracting a food savvy crowd who flock through doors daily for the sumptuous flavours, super cool crowd, warm décor and service. Open from 12 Midday to 12 midnight for Lunch, Tapas or Dinner, Barbacoa is located on Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan. 

It's Sunny Side Up Time again!

It is that time of the year. The crowds pour in, the sun is beaming across the tropical island, and Bali vibes pulse through our veins. But there is one thing that we have all been waiting for and it has finally arrived.

This August 13th and 14th, the infamous Potato Head Beach Club and Ismaya Live presents one of Bali’s most anticipated events, the 3rd Annual Sunny Side Up Tropical Festival.

It's back and it's bigger, with world renowned artists, an awe inspiring venue and a perfect excuse to let loose and dance the night away. This two day festival is not one to miss.

Ismaya Live a young dynamic group who are passionate about lifestyle and entertainment have been behind some of the biggest musical festivals such as Djakarta Warehouse Project, We The Fest, Electro Run and Love Garage not to mention brought some of today’s biggest music artists to Indonesia for concerts for One Direction, Katy Perry, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Fat Boy Slim and David Guetta to name a few.

Ismaya Live believe it’s all about the whole experience, right from the moment they announce that your favourite artist is playing to the fireworks at the end of show. It’s all about the unforgettable experience and Ismaya will sure be delivering this at Sunny Side up festival. 

Each year expats and tourists alike wait for the line up. With this summer's festival filling up over two days of epic music and good vibes, you won’t be short on entertainment… You might end up having to go both days!

Let’s get you excited for day one with an amazing line up and headlining day one is the incredibly talented Mark Ronson, an English musician, DJ, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for "Uptown Funk," featuring Bruno Mars. The song earned Ronson the 2015 Brit Award for British Single of the Year. Day one also features Blonde a English deep house duo from Bristol, French DJ Breakbot, Ta-Ku an Australian musician, Indonesia’s Kimokal and Dipha Barus and UK DJ's Matty Wainright and Phat Phil Cooper.

Day two will be just as huge and exciting with the UK’s Disclosure headlining. Disclosure are an English electronic music duo consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence. Their debut studio album was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards. They are known for their hot singles "White Noise" and "You & Me".

Playing with Disclosure on day two is also Australia’s Hermitude an electronic hip hop EDM duo, Sam Feldt, a dutch DJ and electronic producer, the beautiful George Maple an Australian singer/songwriter, and a line up of some great DJ's to complete the day with Stars and Rabbit, Stevie G, Adriano Giordano and Stuart McLellan.

Hurry and grab your tickets before they are all sold out!