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Where to get reliable updates on Mt Agung

Bali, as with most of Indonesia, is positioned directly on top of the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area in which a large amount of seismic activity, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can occur. As a result, from time to time this activity can interrupt even the most perfectly planned travel…

The Bali Bible creates a movement to bring tourism back to Bali

If you can dream it, you can make it happen. This is something the team at The Bali Bible really believes and we work to prove it everyday.   Last November, following the minor eruption of Mt Agung, tourism numbers sharply declined, leaving many on the island struggling. As a…

Nyepi - Bali Goes on Silent Mode

On Nyepi day, the Balinese take part in ‘Catur Bratha Penyepian’ which means no working, no entertainment or pleasure, no lights or fires, and for some, no eating or talking at all for 24 hours.   In short, everyone on the island is supposed to…. Do nothing!   Even Denpasar…

The island of Bali sure is one of nature’s miracles.

An island paradise where the turquoise waters are as warm as the summer air all year around, limestone cliffs tower over dreamy beaches and inland, dramatic jungle-scape meets rice terraces in hues of green you won't find anywhere else in the world. Of course the luxury hotels, world-class dining, endless…

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