It is a very tough language for non-Balinese to master, and bears no resemblance to Bahasa Indonesia.

It is generally not necessarily for travellers to learn Balinese, as nearly every Balinese speaker speaks Indonesian as well, and many are even reasonably competent in English.

Nevertheless, attempting to speak their language will almost certainly please the locals.

Provided is a very basic list of some commonly used terms to aid conversation when in Bali. Some friends and followers have printed this off and used it as they travel through Bali.

For any additional phrases etc. hit us up and we will add to this list.


a. Good Morning : Rahajeng Semeng

b. Good Evening : Rahajeng Wengi

c. Thank you : Suksma

d. Excuse me! : Sugra nggih! 

e. My name is John : Wastan tiang John

f. How are you? : Punapi gatra? 

g. I am fine : Tiang becik-becik

h. Good Bye : Pamit Nggih

2. Basics daily expression.

a. Where have you been? : Dija mara? 

b. Where are you going? : Kal kija? 

c. I am from : Tiang uling  

d. What time is it? : Jam kuda niki?

e. How much? : Aji kuda niki?


You may also use the following Indonesian words/phrases which will be understood through Bali. 

Hello - Halo

Thank you - Terima Kasih

Please - Silakhan

Good bye - good bye

Good afternoon - Selamat siang

Good morning - Selamat pagi

Good Evening - Baik evening

How are you - Apa kabar

Good - Bagus

Bad - Buruk

Too much - Terlalu Banyak

Please use the meter - Silakan gunakan meteran

How much - Berapa

Very good - Sangat Baik

No thank you - Tidak terima kasih

No too much - Tidak terlalu banyak

Maybe later - Mungkin nanti

Hospital - Rumah sakit

Doctor - Dokter

Emergency - Keadaan darurat

Help - Membantu