‘The Roaring Twenties' – Rolling Down the Curtain for 2013 KU DE TA Style

Just like Mr. Jay Gatsby, it’s no secret that KU DE TA is an expert in throwing an awe-inspiring party with all the glitz and glamour.

To celebrate the last hurrah of 2013, KDT will transport you back to the dazzling 1920s era, with its fabulously charming Gatsby-like ‘The Roaring Twenties’ party, KDT style.

KU DE TA’s master chefs have crafted an impeccable set menu to satisfy your taste buds. The mouthwatering butter poached slipper lobster, sake cured tuna, wagyu striploin, caramelized earl grey tea and turmeric macaron will definitely tantalize your every sense.

In terms of music, be ready for the boom of a bass drum and all that Jazz. Of course, no KU DE TA party would be complete without the globally- renowned DJ lineup. Flying from Ibiza is Pete Gooding – Café Mambo Ibiza resident – ready to wow the crowds with his musical versatility. London- based DJ/Producer and co-compiler of the sumptuous KU DE TA CD album series, Jim Breese is returning to the island with his sultry and artfully energized sounds. The night promises a spectacular close to 2013.

Come all gorgeous people, put on your swanky suits and wear your best pearls, get behind the wheel, and let’s hit the grandest, most glamorous New Year’s soiree on this side of paradise. Tap your shoes! And don’t be seen as the first ones to leave. Because honey, it’s going to be the Bee’s Knees!

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