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  • The Bali Bible (Official)

    The Ultimate Guide to Bali!

  • The Seminyak Guide by The Bali Bible

    Named one of the top shopping destinations in South East Asia, Seminyak is an extension of Kuta and Legian with roads filled with boutiques, small stalls and shops of crafts and garment made in the area. With plenty of amazing restaurants, accom and cafes, Seminyak is a great option for…

  • Sasya - The Bali Bible

    A recent addition to the Bali Bible team, Sasya is the queen of helping with planning dream trips to Bali and Bali Bible Villas. Here are a few of Sasya's favourite places and venues in Bali!

  • The Canggu Guide by The Bali Bible

    In comparison to busy towns of Kuta and Seminyak nearby Canggu seems almost deserted and is more a residential area to go for walks on the beach, enjoy sunsets or surf. Nightlife is almost nonexistent, restaurants are few, but don’t worry, in case you get bored – Seminyak is walking…

  • Bali's Top 10 Lists by The Bali Bible™

    We wanted to create a profile dedicated to the top 10 of everything in Bali so anyone travelling can quickly and easily find a short list of the must do things on a trip no matter how long it may be. We will be sharing lists of 'can't miss' cultural…

  • The Uluwatu Guide by The Bali Bible

    Uluwatu is a place on the south-western tip of the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Indonesia. It is home to the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple and is the number four surf destination in the world for surfers of all abilities.

  • Widya - The Bali Bible

    A recent addition to the Bali Bible team, Wid helps with our events, customer service team and Bali Bible Villas. Here are a few of Widya's favourite places and venues in Bali!

  • The Ubud Guide by The Bali Bible

    Set amongst idyllic terraces, Ubud is a small character town in the center of Bali. Known for years as the “town for painters” Ubud has grown into the center of “Cultural Tourism” in Bali. Packed with galleries, art centers, museums, craft shops and restaurants. Local government focuses more on preserving…

  • Rosie P

    Lover of the outdoors, Bali dogs and sunset Bintangs. Account Manager for The Bali Bible.

  • The Jimbaran Guide by The Bali Bible

    Small town in south of Bali, very close to the airport largely occupied by luxurious hotels and resorts with great character and feel to it. There is a beautiful beach here from which you can enjoy scenic views of all of Bali’s mountain tops: Gunung Agung, Batur, Batukau, Abang and…

  • Trip Ideas by The Bali Bible

    We created this profile to help those planning a trip to Bali. Broken down by areas, and highlighting key locations or places in Bali you need to visit, it is the easy way to navigate and discover the must see locations or venues for your next Bali getaway.

  • Bali Adventure Guide by The Bali Bible

    Pack your suitcase as its time to explore this island. This guide is all about getting out and about and wanting an adventure or two.

  • Nusa Dua Guide by The Bali Bible

    Nusa Dua, was designed to be an ‘all-inclusive’ type of tourist destination. The pristine area has a variety of world-class hotels, an up-market shopping complex with well-maintained facilities, a luxurious 18-hole golf course, white-golden sandy beaches and much more. Full of activities, Nusa Dua is a great option for a…

  • Bali Bible Villas

    We are the specialists when it comes to a Bali holiday and have branched out to offer a range of high end villas combined with quality service. From the second you book with us to the last minute of your stay, our team of experts will walk you through the…

  • Nusa Lembongan Guide by The Bali Bible

    Is known to be a heaven for divers and snorkelers. Peaceful and undeveloped with only a few places to stay Nusa Lembongan is a great place to spend time at the beach and unwind. For some common attractions check out caves and try bird watching. Boats from Bali leave 3-4…

  • extraOrdinary asia

    We Are eOasia - A team that strongly believes that a big part of living comes from the departure into unknown lands. At the heart of our company lies a group of travel enthusiasts, eager to share the knowledge they’ve acquired from their trips in hopes that you’ll embark on…

  • The Legian Guide by The Bali Bible

    North of Kuta, Legian is more relaxed and laid back than the main areas but still enjoys fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment. Indeed, one of Legian's main attractions is its extravagant nightlife.

  • The Bali Bible Concierge

    Our team of experts are here to build you personal lists of suggestions on what to do, where to go and even shortlist suggestions for accommodation. If you are keen to get some assistance or for us to make you a list of suggestions, contact us at today!

  • The KUTA Guide

    Three kilometer long strip of white sandy beach, beautiful sunsets, funky nightlife, 10 foot high barrels draw surfers and tourists to Kuta from all over the world. Kuta is filled with bars, clubs, restaurants, small shops and many affordable places to stay, typical touristic town.

  • Sanur Guide by The Bali Bible

    Sanur is a seaside town in the southeast of the island of Bali, in Indonesia. Its long stretch of beach offers shallow waters. Colorful jukung fishing boats rest on the sand, backed by a paved cycling path. The Pura Blanjong temple is built from coral and has inscriptions dating from…