Massage therapists throughout Bali find that the best way to unwind on a holiday and to get away from your stressful lifestyle, especially since your on a holiday, is to schedule regular massages and relax.

During a massage session, you can virtually escape from the outside chaos and noise that fills your daily life. There aren’t any phones in the room, no e-mail, no pinging, no demands from your children. It’s just you closed off from the stresses and obligations of the world, relaxing on a comfortable and warm table, and a therapist whose sole purpose is to pay attention to just you. 

This is one of a very few times in the life of an adult where the sole focus is on you.

Let the therapists wisk you away and help you unwind on your holiday....

There are a few spa's we would recommend, a small list is provided below:

  • Prana Spa, Seminyak
  • Cool Spa, Seminyak
  • Bodyworks I and II, Seminyak
  • Spa at Sentosa, Seminyak
  • Aroma Spa Retreat, Sanur
  • Bali Botanica, Ubud
  • Spa at Pita Maha, Ubud
  • Anika Spa, Denpasar
  • The Spa at Jimbaran, Four Seasons
  • Puri Asri Villa and Spa, Ubud