Sat 17th Dec, 2016

WAY UP - Street Art Collaboration

Jl Penestanan Kelod (T-Junction Opp. Pura Dalam Penestanan), U
Sat 17th Dec, 2016 - Sun 18th Dec, 2016
01:00 am - 04:00 am

WAY UP is the street art collaboration initiated by Cata Odata, Lukas Kasper and ALLCAPS Store & Gallery. Started with the idea to contribute to the vibrant street of Ubud and to collaborate with street artists from Bali, we build this project together.

Lukas Kasper is a street artist originally from Brisbane who passionately brings happiness, stories and inspirations through his painting on the wall. He broadens his exploration by collaborating, creating self project, and meeting up with many people during his travelling. His many years’ connection with the animals which built before and while he was volunteering in RSCPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Wildlife Organization under Australia zoo, also inspire him in creating short adventures on the wall. Animals are best friend, so he fills the spirit in his witty artworks.

WAY UP is curated by Cata Odata and ALLCAPS. We involve street artists in Bali for the line-up. The aim is to have 20 walls featuring street artists in Bali.

In this continuous journey Lukas would like to share and widen the positive vibe where he invites anyone to participate in his creative workshop, study class and scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt in this context is an attempt to trace back or hunt all the artworks that created in this project from street to street. The winner of this WAY UP’s scavenger hunt will receive no other than Lukas’ original painting as a present. 


Creative Workshop

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Introduction to street art: SPRAY JAM!

Time : 1 – 3.30 PM

Spray Jam is a session to build interaction among the participants and a joint work with Lukas Kasper. Based on the spirit that the art should close to everyone, this time we invited participants to engage directly in the work process.

Lukas Kasper will share the spirit of street art through learning the basic practice. Start from how to use the spray paint until the application on the wall.

Material fee : IDR110.000

Facilities : 6x6 meter room for the workshop, 16 spray paint cans, snacks and drinks.

Maximum : 7 persons, above 14 years old.

Kelas Belajar (sharing session)

Sunday, 18 December 2016

What is Street Art?

Event will start at 3 PM

Largely known, street art is an art developed in public spaces such as graffiti, stencil, wheatpaste, art guerrilla, mural, sticker, duct tape, interactive media, sculpture, mosaic, and street installation. Another opinion says that street art is an art inspired by the environment and this refer to the various purposes and definitions. Street art also understood as the public space intervention, which lead to collective ownership, when the street art form is presence and recognized by the community.

In this sharing session, Lukas Kasper, ALLCAPS, and a street artist from Bali will talk about their personal perspective about street art and why street art matters. Passions they bring in art, how community contributes to street art, the role of street art itself in community life, and how is their journey are shared as well.

This event is for public and free.

Scavenger Hunt – Instagram 

December 17 2016 - January 8 2017

Instagram Competition

The artworks from this project are located on the walls street in the Batubulan to Ubud area. We dare everyone to participate in the hunt for the artworks by following the traces. Next Saturday, December 17, we will launch the online map in our dedicated website,

Anyone who has Instagram account and resides in Bali until the end of the hunt date are welcome to join. The winner will be announced on January 9 and the reward should be taken at Cata Odata after the announcement.

1. Access the street art project map through We will update the map during December. 

2. Use #UbudScavengerHunt and #WayUp to notice us 

3. All of the photos should be uploaded through personal Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to disable the private setting profile. We have to able to see participants face in frame while making poses and/or selfies in front of the artwork walls.

4. Complete the post by mentioning the artworks title (available in the online map) and/or check in to the location and/or mention the location name (or village and street name)

5. In one of participant posts, they asked to share what is WAY UP in their version and inspire them in a better way. 

6. Support this collaboration project by adding #UbudStreetArt so everybody can enjoy Ubud's vibrant walls too! 

7. Since the artworks are on public wall, there must be possibility to have additional tags, painting, or colors that makes the artworks does not look the same with the photos in online map. Always note Kasper @kaspersart ’16 and the collaborator artists tag and recheck the location.

8. Our goal is 20 walls.

The winner condition:

1. The winner is the most eager hunters who complete the list.

2. If there is no one complete the list, the winner will be decided by the most artworks collected.

3. If two or more participants are the most collector and they have the same amount, the winner will be decided by number of likes.

4. The one and only winner will deserve an original canvas artwork by Kaspers!

It is rainy season and rainy could be so unpredictable in Ubud. Come to Ubud in the morning to start hunting, it is the less raining time.